Monday, July 6, 2015

Good Monday morning all

Good Monday all , hope you all had a fantastic weekend . Today we are going to review  GHOST CHASER by DeDrick Frazier.

                     BOOK BLURB
Dorian Steel is a lone wolf on a journey searching for an identity now that the orphanage in which he was raised in is several light-years behind him. Serving time in prison due to a jealous ex-girlfriend’s vendetta was not how he saw his life progressing, but through it all, he has finally found peace. Once the visions start however, his isolated world is shattered - leaving only the shards of glass for him to walk on.
The always quiet, unassuming landscaper quickly goes from a life of hiding in the bushes to the forefront of the battle lines for survival - facing an army of ghosts, demons, and human turncoats loyal to a demonic force intent on the systematic destruction of mankind as we know it. When the woman he has suppressed his feelings for re-enters his life, Steel realizes that if she dies, blood will be on his hands for the second time.
Dorian Steel will face a roller coaster of emotions ranging from fear, love, fear of love, and everything in-between. Whether it is demons, detectives, or the occasionally possessed vagrant, Steel’s life, as well as the lives of his loved ones’ are in serious danger - not to mention the fate of the world. However, he does have a chance to save everyone and everything important to him. It all hinges on the one thing Steel despises more than anything else - those damned psychic powers.
                     MY REVIEW
   Here is a ghost story that will have you on the edge of your seat . Le me introduce you to Dorian Steel a quiet landscaper, who is rather dull and unassuming . He has some skeletons in his closet, like spending some time in jail because of his ex girlfriend . He just wants to put all that behind him, And get on with his life until the visions start and he is pushed to the forefront of a battle to save the world .
  When his family and the woman that he loves is put in the center of this battle . When he realizes that if Carmen dies it will be because of him. Will he survive the onslaught of demons and will he be able to use his psychic powers to save them all.
     When I got this book and started reading it , I found that I was going to be hooked once I got into it. I found the first couple of chapters a little hard to read but as soon as I hit chapter 3 I was hooked . The characters were getting to be very complex and the story line was picking up with great speed.  I was turning pages well into the night . Dorian got into my heart . I felt for him, he was dealt a really bad hand when he was younger . He was in a orphanage and was bugged by the other because of his visions . You could feel the loneliness in his voice when you read about that time . You want to hug him and make him feel better . As  the story goes on you see Dorian grow into the hero of the story, You see him take on the demons in his head and the demons in real life. He basically goes from a zero to a hero. He finds the strength to embrace the psychic powers and saves the day . You want him to save the girl and be the hero that you know he is .
  Carmen is the woman that he has loved for ever. She is a strong woman that helps Dorian come to terms with his power and loves him for who he is. You figure out who the bad guys are cause oh they are demons and will turn on you in a moments notice .
The characters are well developed and you will love them or hate them , depending on the page you are on in the book . I loved every character in this book
  The author takes us on a very complex roller coaster . One moment you are on the edge of your seat wondering what will be happening and then you are crying or laughing . Over all the flow of this book is great but like I said the first couple of chapters were hard to get through, they seemed a little slow to me . But it does pick up an when it does , hang on to your hat cause you will be taken for a ride . There are so many twists and turns that sometime you just have to hang on and enjoy the ride. The villain's are truly evil and the good guys save the world in the end or do they . That is one of the great things about this book you just don't know and he leaves us with a sense of what is to come . I can't wait to read more from this author and to find out what Dorian and the guys do next. So if you want a good story of good versus evil and the unlikely hero . This is the book for you to check out .

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