Tuesday, July 28, 2015

good Tuesday everyone

Good Tuesday morning everyone , I hope your week is going well and you are all reading something good . Today we are going to review PERFECT LITTLE ANGELS by Andrew Neiderman

                         BOOK BLURB
From the bestselling author of THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE.

"A master of psychological thrillers!"—VC Andrews

A picture perfect town holds a chilling secret.

Justine Freeman and her parents move to Elysian Fields to start anew, and the picturesque town seems the perfect place to do so. In fact, their new neighborhood seems too good to be true. Their neighbors are all polite and helpful, and the streets are eerily clean. Even the teenagers of Elysian Field are perfect. They don’t drink, they don’t smoke, and they are polite to their elders to a fault.

But Justine is a more typical teenager, and while the new girl in town hasn’t yet learned how to behave like the teenagers of Elysian Fields, she will. Because in Elysian Fields, there are so many ways—horribly effective ways—to turn disobedient children into Perfect Little Angels

                     MY REVIEW
     Welcome to Elysian Field , the quaint little town where everything and everyone is perfect. The teenagers are non drinking , non smoking and perfect in every way. Justine and her parents are invited to move from New York. At first glance the town is idle and are so happy to be there. But as time goes on things aren't what they seem . How one man and his ideals of how the children should be. He had terrible and very effective ways to turn the teenagers into perfect little angels
   The author tells this story from two points of view . The first is from Eugene , the son of Dr. Lawerence. He has been long suffering test subject for his father. He is a little crazy and shows it through out . He has been molested by a sick nurse and is a lab rat for his father . At first you are a little scared of him and want to know what the heck is wrong with him. But as you read you start to really feel for him an the torture he has gone through and the pain and agony.
 The second point of view is Justine's the new girl in town. Her parents and her have moved from New York and she just doesn't know what is going on. The kids are acting like stepford children . They don't do anything for fun and she can't understand why. Until she meets the doctor and start taking the vitamins . She starts to feel different and forgetting everything she likes , like her music. As she figures out what is happening she just goes along with it. She fricken drove me crazy . She was like oh if I tell my mom and dad , they will understand and fix it . Well guess what kind of hard to fix something when they are under the influence . I kind of just wanted to slap some sense into her. I mean lets not do something ourselves lets just tell our parents who in turn are going to the well basically cult leader. So what is a girl to do.
     The book was a good read for me , I especially loved Eugene's story the most . I don't think I would of enjoyed as much as I did without Eugene's part. Justine and the stepford children were ok. They got a little boring after awhile.  The way they acted was getting a little tiring and just a bit annoying . The grimace on the face of the character when he touched a boob was actually so funny. Then he was punished by burning his hand on the hot car engine. Was like wth ok then . The Eugene parts are really messed up and I just want you to be prepared . Trust me you will never look at
vitamins the same way again, or the color blue .
  Over all I really did like reading this book, it was a good read that could be read in an afternoon by the pool. So if you want a good read about a crazy doctor , the Stepford children and one girls struggle to figure out whats going on . Check it .

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