Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Happy Tuesday all , hope everyone is reading some goo books this fall . Today we are reviewing
SWITCHING HOUR : Magic and Mayhem book one by Robyn Peterman.

                          BOOK BLURB

Released from the magic pokey and paroled with limited power is enough to make any witch grumpy. However, if you throw in a recently resurrected cat, a lime-green Kia and a sexy egotistical werewolf, it's enough to make a gal fly off the edge. 
Not to mention a mission...with no freaking directions.
So here I sit in Asscrack, West Virginia trying to figure out how to complete my mysterious mission before All Hallows Eve when I’ll get turned into a mortal. The animals in the area are convinced I'm the Shifter Whisperer (whatever the hell that is) and the hotter-than- asphalt-in-August werewolf thinks I'm his mate. Now apparently I'm slated to save a bunch of hairy freaks of nature?
If they think I'm the right witch for the job, they've swallowed some bad brew.

                                             MY REVIEW
Welcome to Robyn's newest paranormal phenom. Zelda a self absorbed witch, who is getting sprung from magical jail. She has to complete a mission before Halloween or the poor girl will be turned into a mortal . Which is a fate worse then death, in he opinion. So off she heads in a kia and her not so dead cat. Oh did I mention she ran over her cat. Yeah squished him good . So off to West Virginia she goes with no idea of what she is suppose to do. To beat it all she ends up being the mate of a hotter then hot werewolf and the saviour to the shifter world . What is a poor witch to do but hope for the best and hope they are so wrong .
  Oh my god I absolutely love the characters in this book. Zelda is so self absorbed , its so cool to read . She is trying to be good after being let out of jail but you can see her struggling at trying to be good. She finds herself and finds out she is a great healer to the shifters . She is zany in all ways , she is off balance and zany. She speaks her mind and is wisecracking. The best character in the book in my opinion is Fabio , the poor cat that is more then he seems . The poor cat has been run over and buried , then resurrected. He has a tendency to lick his balls in the most inopportune times and loves to steal fashion for Zelda. The cast of shifters are so funny and sweet all at the same time . They all come to care and love Zelda. Then there is Mac the hotter then hot wolf. Oh he is pantie dropping hot and wants Zelda so badly. He is the alpha of the shifter colony in Ass crack West Virginia . He is your typical alpha male . Good looks , hot body and attitude that goes with all good alpha males .  Throw them all together you have the makings for a zany cast of characters that will make you happy .
   This is a book that you want to read to put you in a great mood . They zany cast of characters will keep you reading. You will giggle and laugh out loud as you watch Zelda and the gang. I love Robyn's books , I love the way she can make you smile as you read them . She comes up with some great one liners and some great words . That I seem to use in my daily life more often then not .   Her characters are quirky , off balance and sometimes just down right rude but you will fall in love with them all . So if you like quirky stories with a paranormal twist , this is the book for you . Check out all of Robyn's books , you will laugh and laugh . I promise 

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