Monday, January 25, 2016


    Welcome to Monday, hope you are all ok and are digging out from any snow you got. Today we are going to review A RAVEN'S TOUCH by Linda Bloodworth

                            BOOK BLURB

Bullied through high school, seventeen-year-old Justice St. Michaels is grateful for the help of her best friend Moira O’Fhey. Their only wish is to graduate high school, leave the sleepy town of Fallingbrook and all that happened behind them. The Heavens have other plans. Between growths on her back and being involved in explosive school fights, nothing seems to make sense. When an unexpected encounter with Darien Raventhorn causes worlds to collide it exposes the truth about Justice’s real identity. To avenge a family death, Justice must embrace her birthright, and slay a demon before all Hell breaks loose.

                           MY REVIEW
This is the debut novel for Linda Bloodworth and she did it up right . There are angels, demons . witches . fairies not to mention a dragon or two. Let me introduce to Justice and her best friend Moray . All they want to do is finish high school with out getting bullied anymore and start a new life away from Fallingbrook. But there is more to both Justice and Mora, and that one fateful day will change their lives forever. They find their real identities and now the war has started and they need to embrace their birth rights and save the world.
   I loved the characters in the book. Justice is a sweet everyday girl who just wants to finish high school. You can't help but fall in love with her , the things she goes through would kill most people but she is stronger then most. As she comes to terms with happened to her parents . She has to handle the evil that is coming  You see her struggling to come to terms with everything . Mora is her best friend and my favorite character , she is feisty and straight forward . She is one kick ass little witch that is shy in one way but kick ass the next . The rest of the characters are very well written and are all there to help keep Justice safe and secure . Darien Raventhorn is a very mysterious character . He is a vampire and is drawn to Justice . You don't know if he is actually good or bad. Training her for the epic battle between good and evil .

    I really liked this book , I got it and couldn't put it down . The story will suck you in cause you want to find out what Justice is and who is Darien Raventhorn, a vampire that is drawn to her. The story takes you on a ride from the very first page .  Trust me you will shed a tear and have so many omg moments . You will want to throw you kindles but I suggest you don't , kindles are expensive.
There are twists and turns and you will love the feel of the book its builds and builds . The characters slowly reveal themselves to us . You will not get bored reading this book . If you want a good book check it out .