Thursday, January 21, 2016


   Welcome to Thursday all , hope you are all staying safe and warm . Need a book to pass the time while you wait out the storm.  FRACTURED STEEL  by TJ Loveless

                           BOOK BLURB

Karen Barnes’s life is simple, just the way she likes it, surrounded by horses and the mountains of Laramie, Wyoming. She is well aware the longing for adventure can lead to blood and death, a hard lesson taught during her one, and only, tour in Iraq almost a decade ago.

A stranger approaches Karen about boarding a famous horse foaled in her stables, making her instincts go on high alert. She knows for a fact the stallion’s owner would never sell Five Alarm, the US Reining champion worth a hefty ten million dollars. In ten minutes the stranger confirms her worst fears, launching her into weeks of torment at the hands of her kidnappers.

Armed with a spine of steel, she escapes, but the ordeal is far from over. It was a cover up for espionage. Trusted contacts join the fray, and in the end, pay for their loyalty by dying for her safety. Others aren’t so trustworthy, and as the truth is brought to light, she is betrayed yet again.

Safety and freedom come with their own emotional shackles. She had the courage to fight the battle, but can she live with the aftermath of the carnage, or survive the fractures to her mind?

                                          MY REVIEW
This book is packed with so much emotion,  Let me introduce you to Karen a horse trainer with a past . She lives in solitude with her horses and her dog . Until that fateful day when a stranger shows up and wants her to train Five Alarm a ten million dollar reining champion. He wont take no for an answer and Karen is put through weeks of hell. Bringing back the horrors of what went on in Afghanistan.  She survives but is still in mortal danger .  She and Five Alarm are put through hell , will they survive.
   This book had me from the very first page, horses and reining had me sucked in. Karen and what she was going through sucked me in even deeper. The characters are so well written you feel like you are going through every horrible thing along with Karen . She is such a strong character but the tragedy and the hells she has gone through.  She is suffering from PTSD and we watch her work through them . With everything that she had gone through. We see  her grow stronger as she comes out the other side.  She becomes the woman that is strong and healing. Five alarm is his own character , he is one tough horse. He goes through hell and back and still survives to come back with Karen.  Aiden is the man that is there to protect her and help her through her attacks . He knows all about the dreams and the panic attacks . He helps her become strong again and they have such a tight bond that will never break.
   I have never actually read a book where the main character is suffering from PTSD . Actually I hae never met anyone with PTSD either . So I must admit that I was intrigued by the character and the story line . I will tell you I ugly cried through out this book, I cried for Karen , I cried for Five Alarm and I cried for Aiden.  There are scenes that may be to hard for some people to read but you will want to actually want to kill a few people as you read .  The author did a very good job in the depiction of the characters and the suffering they went through . I give her kudos for tackling such a topic that no one really talks about . The story is fictional but the pain is all to real .
  So if you want a great book full of mystery, intrigue , this is the book for you . The author takes us to the pits of hell and brought out the other side . Stronger and more alive as you see the strength of each individual in the book . I read this book in a day , I couldn't put it down and I wanted to know what was happening and how everyone was doing . I will say this again you will ugly cry , but you will also cheer and smile . So if horses mystery and espionage  have you interested check it out . Oh and I promise there is a hot guy or two in there too .

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