Monday, May 15, 2017


    Good Monday all , sorry I have bee mia last week been busy reading and doing farm stuff but I am back now and today we are going to review Mike Evan's new book THE UNWELCOMED  - Psychological extreme  horror story .

                            BOOK BLURB

    When hell comes knocking at The Stranger’s door, the Devil answers with a smile. The Stranger tries to find peace living alongside his father, but the beast can only be kept tame for so long, and when the woods are no longer theirs to live in uninterrupted, the unwelcomed make their way in.

                            MY REVIEW

      This is the third book in the series and I was so excited to start reading . I really loved this series and was so waiting to be scared out of my socks. I settled down and started reading we find the Stranger retiring to the north woods trying to get his desires under control . His father is there to teach him but alas things don't always go as planned and the killing starts again . More gruesome this time .
You know there will be no survivors but is this the end of the stranger .
    The Stranger aka Matt Hardin  is back with a vengeance . I think that he just becomes more and more evil as you read . No one is safe with him around , but you see him also trying to curb the killing instinct and living with his dad . Who is a new character this book . We hear of him in the other books in flashbacks but to have him interact with Matt as he heals and hides from the cops . They have a love / hate relationship some of the time because you know they both have that killing bug .
The poor people that end up on the deadly side of the Stranger are all friends and you just want to scream at them not to go into the woods . I sat and screamed a couple of times run you idiots run. But do they listen to me know they get stabbed and mutilated .
    As much as I really loved this book and the ride that the author took us on . I just had trouble at the beginning of getting into it . I just kind of felt that the stranger basically going into hiding kind of dragged just a bit and I didn't really feel the whole father/son bonding time . I know before you all start hating me . I know it is beneficial to the story but I did find it a little on the lacking side . When the stranger started killing again , that's when it started to get really good and I was covering my eyes and screaming at my kindle most of the time .
   I must say that I did enjoy this book and Mike Evans can right a mean horror story . He takes us places that you never know you are going . The Stranger is one of those characters that after you read about him . You will be looking over your shoulder for a long time . I will say that this book is not for the faint of heart if you are squeamish in any way this isn't the series for you . If you love to be scared of your feet and sleep with the lights on for about 2 weeks then check out THE UNINVITED SERIES . YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED  

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