Monday, May 8, 2017


   Good Monday morning all . I hope that this day finds you all well and fully caffeinated for the week . Today we are going to review FIRE ON THE FARM (Second chance cowboy romance) by Betty Shreffler,

                          BOOK BLURB

Losing the man she loved to a terrible accident, pushes Amy Flanders into a life of independence. Her only source of comfort is her work—a business dedicated to the care and training of horses. Until one lonely night leads her into the arms of Brock Baisdin. A man who fulfills her deepest desires and reignites a flame long forgotten.

Between his picky tastes and running his own business, Brock Baisdin has little time for women, but that doesn't stop him from looking for love. After saving Amy from a cancelled date, Brock is instantly drawn to the shy and beautiful woman hiding secrets beneath her lust-filled baby blues—secrets he finds himself eager to discover.

Undeniable attraction pulls them into each other's arms. Hope draws them into each other's lives. For Amy Flanders, Brock Baisdin may be the man to bring love back into her lonely life, if only she can overcome the wounds of her past and face her biggest fear—risking the pain of another shattered heart.
                        MY REVIEW       
        This book has everything I love horses and cowboys .  Let me introduce you to Amy Flanders and Brock Baisdin .   What do you do when an unbelievable tragedy happens ? You try and heal and start your own business . After Amy goes through the worst thing ever she takes comfort in the only thing she really knows and loves , horses . Rescuing horses that need a good forever home . Working with the horses start to mend her broken heart and healing her soul. Until the night Brock Baisdin walks into the bar and saves her from a date that was cancelled . There is an attraction there but they both have things that have formed them. They are destined to be together but will Amy take the chance and put her heart back on the line and get past her biggest fear . Will there be a happy ending .
      This characters are very well written . Amy is such a sweet woman who has been pulled through the mud after the tragedy of loosing her husband . She pulls herself up and starts to put her life back together . There are times you kind of want to shake her through out the book because she is questioning her feeling for Brock . I kept cheering for Brock and scolding Amy for questioning things . But as you read you see her grow and become a very strong woman that overcomes the past and finds the love she deserves . Brock is a fun loving . caring guy who when he sees Amy finally thinks that its time to settle down . He does have a few ghosts in his past that he over comes . Yes ladies he is very swoon worthy . He is a sexy cowboy that can fill out a pair of wranglers quite nicely .  But to me there is another important set of characters in this book and they are . The horses that come to the ranch that help Amy as much as Amy helps them . They teach each other to trust and let go of the past .  The horses show Amy that unconditional love that will help heal . They are a very big part of the book .
    This book was such a good read . I sat down to start reading and didn't realize that the tears were flowing until I was over half way through. They were a mixture of happy and sad tears . The journey that the characters take is both sad and happy, as you read their story you will be sucked in and cheer for them and honestly you will want to shake them both and tell them that they belong together . The ups and downs kept me on the edge of my seat . The sex scenes had me fanning myself and blushing . They were very well written  and girls you will love them . I like the way the author handled the two men that had Amy's heart , the man of her past , her whole world and the  man that is holding her heart now and wanting in .  So if you want a love story that will keep you reading and have you swooning check out FIRE ON THE FARM  you will not be disappointed

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