Monday, June 19, 2017


 Good Monday morning my lovelies . Today is WOLF ENFORCER DAY here on the blog . Jessica Aspen has a new book out . Lets dive into the world of  WOLF ENFORCER

                         BOOK BLURB 

Serena Lowell’s move to Colorado isn’t going as planned. Her new boss hates her. She’s falling in love with the wrong twin. And a stalker is sending her roses.
When the sexiest woman alive walks up to Gabe Wulfric and demands to make love, he knows he’s met his mate. But will falling head-over-tail for Serena turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life?
Now both twins are suffering from mating fever and Serena has to make a choice. A choice that will give one brother the mate of his dreams. And set the other up for a chaotic fall into the wild. If, that is, Serena can survive the obsessive love of her secret stalker.

Dare to enter the world of Jessica Aspen…
and discover your imagination.
                         MY REVIEW 

    This is the first book in a brand series from Jessica Aspen . What would you do if you move to a new place and start a new job . Then finding out the man you want as your mate isn't the one you really want . Its his twin brother that gets Serena's blood a boiling and her wolf to sit up and howl repeatedly. Well that's what happens to Serena as she heads to Colorado for her new job as a dream walker . Her boss really hates her and she has a stalker on top of trying to figure out who she should be with.
   The characters in this book are so developed . Serena is a dream walker.  Her wolf comes out in dreams and she doesn't exactly transform into a wolf .  She is a very strong woman who really knows what she wants . But she also has some insecurities about her wolf and will anyone really want her and understand her . Enter Sam and Gabe , wolf shifter twins and enforcers for the pack . Serana shared a passionate kiss with Sam. Sam oozes sexiness and is all alpha man . He is gruff and oh so sexy . The man she though she wanted . Enter Gabe the splitting image of Sam and way so sexy but also sensitive and wants Serena . They all are such great characters with strengths and weakness that will make you want to cry and laugh .
     I have read all of Jessica's books and I sat down and devoured this book in one sitting . The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions . I laughed and cried and was on the edge of my seat a few times .  This book has it all , a mystery , romance and plenty of action to keep you turning pages well into the night . I can't wait for the next book in the series . This is a series that will keep you up all night and then dreaming of your wolf shifter . So if you are a fan of paranormal romance with an adventure mixed in . Check out this new series and check out WOLF ENFORCER. Add this book to your summer reading list NOW  you will not be disappointed 

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