Tuesday, September 26, 2017


 Good Tuesday all today we have something special for you . Its release day for SACRIFICE THE PAWN  ( a spin off of the surrender games ) Surrender Games book 1 by Lydia Michaels

                         BOOK BLURB 

Surrender Games follows the emotionally charged and highly erotic contemporary romance saga, The Surrender Trilogy.

Isadora Patras has sacrificed years raising her younger siblings, Lucian and Antoinette. As her brother and sister grow more independent, she feels her purpose is lost. Aching to do something selfish and hungry for a taste of the forbidden, she takes a lover—her father’s protégé and trusted family friend, Sawyer Bishop.

In a secret affair trust is tested, respect is bartered, and reputations are on the line. Sawyer has always been Isadora’s mentor, but now it’s her move. She’s through being a pawn and ready to demand the respect of a Queen.

The Surrender Games Series should be read after The Surrender Trilogy.

                       MY REVIEW 

       This is a spin off of the surrender trilogy . We get to see what happens to the rest of the family and friends of the Patras family . This is Isadora's story . 
     Isadora is the oldest child and is thrust into adult responsibilities at a very young age , after her mother dies and her father abandons them . She becomes mother figure to Lucien and Antoinette. She runs the house and keeps them in line , for the most part . She has put her life on hold to make sure that they are on the right path.  But she does one thing she forgets herself an her plans and dreams .  Will she be strong enough to get her love and her dreams . 
      Isadora is such a complex character . She was thrust into the role of caregiver at such a young age. On the outside you see a calm and cool character , a mask she wears quite well  On the inside she is a insecure , scared young woman who doesn't know if she is doing the right thing and is always second guessing herself . As you follow Isadora through the book we see her start to bloom into her strong self . She wants so much more from life she wants to be loved and wants to be needed . She wants more from the man that is his father colleague and friend . Sawyer has been a constant comfort in her young life and now she wants more . She doesn't care that there is a 20 year age difference . She wants something for herself and will get what she wants . She becomes such a strong woman . 
   Sawyer is a conflicted man , he knows he shouldn't be with Isadora but there is a pull there and he is very confused with the fact that she wants more from the relationship then he can give . He is scared and doesn't want to upset everyone. There are too many people that could be upset and hurt if the relationship ever got out . 
      The characters are so well written and very complex , we get emotionally involved with each of them. Trust me you will want to wrap your arms around Isadora and hug her and tell her how much she deserves love . Sawyer you kind of want to slap him upside the head a few times . At first you think he is just using Isadora but there is more to it . The author does a great job in building their characters up and letting them find their way towards each other .  
     This book is a heart wrenching book , you will be on a roller coaster ride that will make you giggle and cry your eyes out .  The author takes us on a journey , the authors writing has a way of getting under your skin and into your heart . I love the way the author shows us the younger characters and the history of the them and takes them to how they are today . This was a very good read, you will get sucked in and before you know it you are done . I can't wait to see if Isadora get her happily ever after in book two . So if you want a great read check it out . 


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