Monday, September 4, 2017


 Good Monday all . hope your long weekend has been great . I have a great shifter book for you today . DESERT WOLF  by Linda Thomas Sundstrom.

                         BOOK BLURB 

Grant Wade is a former Texas Ranger. He's also a Lycan Alpha and, in the ghost town of Desperado, he's found a perfect refuge for his desert pack and a place to shelter other werewolves in need of a safe place.
Determined to reclaim her full birthright, Paxton Hall goes home for the first time in decades. Her plan to strike a deal with Desperado's new owner doesn't work any better than her attempts to resist this sexy cowboy. Even as she falls for him, Paxton has no idea what he's trying to protect her from—his animal desire, her own true nature and a rogue predator on the prowl…

                       MY REVIEW 
       Desert wolf is such a good read, It starts off with a bang and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole read too . Meet Grant Wade a alpha of a pack that is hidden in the desert. He is also an ex Texas ranger and as hot as sin . Paxton just inherited the land the ghost town is on and wants to sell  . Will they survive each other and will they survive the rogue that is on the prowl. 
       I love the characters in this book . The author has written such complex, well developed characters . Paxton Hall is such a city girl when she first comes out to the desert to see her land . As you read you find out there is more to Paxton that she even knows and we see her grow and fall in love with everything desert even the tall ex Texas ranger Grant. Now ladies he is hot and I mean swoon worthy and he is commanding in his own way. The sparks fly between these two but there are some things that need to be taken care of first . 
    The story is a nice fast read for those late autumn days . We go on a journey with the characters in this book . The author has a way of writing that will keep you reading all through the night .   I adore shifters and this book was a great page turner . I read it in an afternoon , couldn't put it down  I had to find out the answers to the questions that kept popping up and when I did it was like wow who knew .  And who doesn't like some romance thrown in for good measure . So if you want a great read for the chilly fall night check it out 

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this book, Patricia ! YAY! So happy you liked it.