Wednesday, September 20, 2017


 Good Wednesday morning all , I think I have come out the other side of whatever alien bug bit me on the weekend . Thank the heavens for that . Today we are going to review a new author to me . HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE ( Detective by day book one ) by Kellye Garrett

                         BOOK BLURB 

Dayna Anderson doesn't set out to solve a murder. All the semi-famous, mega-broke black actress wants is to help her parents keep their house. After witnessing a deadly hit-and-run, she figures pursuing the fifteen-grand reward isn't the craziest thing a Hollywood actress has done for some cash.
But what starts as simply trying to remember a speeding car soon blossoms into a full-on investigation. As Dayna digs deeper into the victim's life, she wants more than just reward money. She's determined to find the poor woman's killer too. When she connects the accident to a notorious Hollywood crime spree, Dayna chases down leads at paparazzi hot spots, celeb homes and movie premieres. She loves every second—until someone tries to kill her.
And there are no second takes in real life

                         MY REVIEW 
       This isn't you typical mystery book . It is a light hearted fun read with a good dose of mystery thrown in . Welcome to Dayna Anderson's world . After seeing a deadly hit and run . She decides to solve the mystery for the reward money . She is helping her parents out . Everything is going along great . She is trying to remember the car and then it starts to build into a full fledged investigation. That takes her to the hottest spots in Hollywood its all great until someone tries to kill her . Will she survive and will she find out who did it . 
     This book had it all , there were twists and turns a mystery and some romance mixed in . Dayna is like most of the women in Hollywood . She has had some success in commercials and now she is working at temp jobs . She is a go getter and will do all to help out her friends and family . She is a strong character and is so fun loving she will get it done when needed .  Her friends are varied everyone from Sienna the fashionista to  Emma the computer hacker to her partner Aurbrey Adams , and ex cop who rides a bike and wears an orange reflective suit 
   The story is a fast fun read that will keep you reading until there are no pages left to turn . This a cute twist on the cozy mystery story . The author likes to throw out red herrings , where you think you have it figured out and bam you are wrong . Which I really enjoy .  Can't wait to see what the next book is like by this author . 

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