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 Good Friday everyone . Today is a special day for me, I finally got this man corralled and got him to sit down for an interview . Let me introduce you to Keith Montgomery and his book THE SANDRIAN CHRONICLES

Welcome to the blog Keith .
 Thank you for having me today, excited to be here

Tell us a little about yourself –
I’m happily married with 4 four legged children. The third of four children, so I guess that makes me a middle child. I’m a Gemini and I’m sure my wife will confirm, I have two personalities and yet one. Sports is my pleasure. The home town Cavs and Indians are of course my favorite teams. I’m a veteran who served in the United States Air Force for four years, stationed at Andrews AFB in Maryland, and served during Desert Storm. I’m a Treker, Star wars fan and my favorite movie is Marvel’s Avengers.

Before we continue I would just like to say a big THANK YOU  for serving your country and keeping the world safe for us all .

 What are you working on right now?
I’ve started working on Royal Blood, which is book 3 in a possible series of possibly six books. Also, I’ve begun mapping out the Sandrian Chronicles: The Anthology. I have other projects in my laptop that are currently on the back burner along with an idea for a short story for Maximus Shock Vol. 2, assuming that gets off the ground.

 What does your writing process look like.
Chaos! LOL!! There are those who use story boards and such to guide them in the novel creating, but the mad scientist in me has contempt for such order. Only in chaos can true order be found! More often than not, I’m not so much the author of the novel, but a chronicler of events that take place. It often led to twists in Bad Blood then even I didn’t see coming.

 Who inspired you to start writing
I’ve always written. But for the longest it was only to entertain myself friends and family. Gradually, I began writing letters to the editor in the local newspaper. From there, I entered a poetry contest. Though I didn’t win, the poem was impressive enough that it was included in the anthology titled The Whirling Sea. 

 Do you happen to read your reviews and do you respond to any of the bad reviews.
yes I read, all my reviews but so far, out of the reviews I’ve seen, I don’t have and bad reviews. I’m very proud of that and humbled too. In the end, the readers determine how good you are.

What is the best part of the writing / publishing process do you like and which part do you hate?
I don’t know if there’s any part of it I hate. It’s a whole new universe to me. I’m still exploring it and learning and it’s all interesting. I think it’s a good idea that I learn as much about all sides of the process as possible. The day may one day come when I might decide to do for novice authors, what Christina did for me.

 If your book was turned into a movie who would play the main characters?
This is an easy and fun question. I’ve actually thought about this already! If my book were made into a movie, with the cast I have in mind, it would have to make a mint just to break even! Here goes:

Adalius- Jason Mamoa                      Kiel- Chris Hemsworth      Taine- Chris Rock or Kevin Hart
Kalleal- Mike Colter                           Maya- Rutina Wesley Trey   Thomas- Omari Hardwick         Trish- Jenifer Lawrence   Anna Longfellow- Charlize Theron    Gil- Sam Elliot
Well, there you are. And that’s a partial list!

 I have read this book and so agree with all your actors . Especially Jason Mamoa 

 if you weren't writing what would you be doing?
Truthfully, I don’t know. There haven’t been many times in my adult life when I wasn’t reading or writing. 

What do you feel is your best accomplishment?
Another easy question; my greatest accomplishment was getting my wife to marry me! Second was completing Written in Blood. It was one of the most fulfilling, frustrating, hair pulling thing I’ve ever done, and yet it was a labor of love. I truly enjoyed it. I know it makes no sense , but its true.

DO you have and rituals or favorite times to write?
No, anytime is a good time. No rituals, no preambles, just open the laptop and go.


Chocolate Milk

Favorite junk food?
Pizza. Friends have called me a black Italian!

if you had a super power what would it be?
Teleportation. If I could teleport others with me, I’d never drive again!

What if any secret talents do you have?
That’s classified.

Favorite book and author?
J.R. Ward is my favorite author, she’s the bar I set for my writing. Not sure I have a favorite book but my favorite series is the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. VERY good reading

What would you tell any aspiring writer out there?
Never give up. The greatest enemy you will most likely face will be your own self-doubt. Don’t listen to that voice, if it tells you you’re not good enough.  Once you start your project, whatever happens, keep going. Lastly when writing, don’t worry about going back and fixing anything you’ve written. Just get the book down on your laptop or paper. Once you finish, then you can go back and fix your errors or inconsistencies, and get ready, because that’s when the REAL writing begins.  

Last but not least where can people find you?
I can be found on facebook at

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