Monday, September 25, 2017


 Good Monday all , today we are going to review  a new book from a favourite funny wise cracking author . Who I just adore for her tongue in cheek laugh out loud HOT DAMNED SERIES . Her new book FASHIONABLY FLAWED  by Robyn Peterman .

                         BOOK BLURB 

You think your job is tedious? Try being the Harbinger of Evil for a day.
I dare you…

What’s the Devil to do when his fire no longer burns away his sins and Fate is screwing with his… well, fate? Easy—lie, cheat, steal and dictate my questionably accurate autobiography slash romance novel to my unwilling and outstandingly rude Vampyre niece.

Welcome to my Hell.

A mysterious darkness is gunning for me and this time it might prevail, but I have little time to worry about that. Instead of seeking it out, I shall simply go about business as usual. If it’s fated, it will find me.

My list is long. Traveling to Earth to promote my bestselling romance novel at an alarming book convention where I must protect my privates from the rabid lady readers is enough to frighten even the Devil. Not to mention, I have to avoid my insane mother like the plague and catch the smart-mouthed, gorgeous soul seller on Earth—who may or may not be someone I’d like to keep.

So today is a day like any other. Punishments must be doled out and chaos must be encouraged. A vacation would be lovely, but there is no rest for the weary… or the evil. Luckily I know how to have an outstanding time doing outrageously bad things. Thank Hades, I’m a handsome bastard.

There is no fated happily ever after for the Prince of Darkness, no matter what ridiculous ending my niece slaps onto my autobiography.

Or is there?

Fate is a bitch, but she usually gets it right.

                                      MY REVIEW 

       This is one fun mysterious laugh out loud story . What would you do if you were the evil one Satan writing your autobiography and trying to figure out the darkness that is coming after you . Well you end up going to earth to find a soul seller and fight off all the crazy ladies at the biggest book convention in Las Vegas . Just another day for the devil , you think but wrong . He is in for the battle of his life and trying to figure out the little soul seller that he may or may not want to keep . 
     The gang is back in this installment everyone from Astrid to Ethan and the seven deadly sins even make an appearance to help out dear old dad . Satan is one suave but a little arrogant character that you honestly can't help but fall in love with him . He is deliciously evil but also has a sweet side that we see in this book . He is all about fighting the darkness that is following him until he finally figures it out .  Elle is a smart mouthed sexy as sin soul seller . But there is so much more to her then meets the eye, she is a siren and is being hunted by the trolls and there is someone else after her as well . She is a strong kick ass character that is a little snarky and filled with a whole lot of sass . She is the perfect match for Satan in all ways . They make a great couple 
    This is a laugh out loud , mystery and romance and a whole lot of fun to read . The author has such a great way of writing . That gets you sucked in and before you know it you are done the book .  I have never laughed so hard as the description of the women at the book convention . That was so hilarious , she had Satan on the run.  These books are a nice light funny read that will make you laugh , I actually snorted a couple of times I was laughing so hard . The scene with Mother Nature and fate in the beauty salon . Smack down wrestling match to trying on lipstick . yeah ladies use your imagination we all know how crazy Mother Nature is .  This book doesn't have a happily ever after yet  I can't wait to see Satan get his happily ever after . So if you want a laugh out loud read check out the HOT DAMNED SERIES 

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