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 Good Friday all today we are going to review the debut novel by Damon Novak . ONSLAUGHT ( The Zombie War Chronicles book one )

                             BOOK BLURB 

     When the black rain began to fall, it was a worldwide anomaly that mystified everyone. Unfortunately, there was little time to ponder the cause. Most animals died at the onset. Others in the reptilian category merely changed. While some humans and animals were unaffected, others experienced a half-death of sorts, morphing into blood and flesh-crazed creatures with a desire only to hunt the living and consume them. Climbing Fox Wattana of the Henomawi Nation claims responsibility for the black rain and its effects; He says it is his revenge against the United States government for robbing his people of their land, ensuring their ultimate extinction. Cole "CB" Baxter isn't taking this lying down. He, his sister, Lilly, and Dr. Georgina Lake will flee the Florida Everglades and attempt to rescue what family they can. If that all works out, they plan to follow the ham radio broadcasts of a classic rock DJ named Micky Rode, as he guides the survivors to a gathering spot in Lebanon, Kansas. That's the plan, anyway. But you know what they say: People make plans ... God laughs.

                         MY REVIEW 
    Welcome to the end of the world . What do you do when a mysterious black rain starts to fall and wipes out most of the animal population and the other half well turn into zombies . Yes I said zombies . Along with some of the human population . You would probably freak and try and find your family . That's is what CB Baxter , his sister Lily and dr Georgina Lake do , After fleeing to Florida to look for them . Then head out Kansas to meet other survivors . But you know the best laid plans always end up being destroyed . Will they survive long enough to get to Kansas and figure out why Fox Wattana did what he did . 

   The author has created some complex characters . CB is a manly man and wants to find his family and get them to safety. His humor through out the book is a fun read . You get to see what is going on through his eyes and it is great to read .He is sometimes a little clumsy but over all he is a great guy that is trying to survive. Georgina is the no nonsense doctor and lilly is the lets call her the femme fatale , she is dainty but when comes down to it she can kick butt if she needs to be. The other characters in the book are the zombie gators . They are such a great twist on the zombies . 
   For a debut novel the author takes us on a roller coaster ride . The black rain twist on brining on the apocalypse is a new theme to me . I really like it. Now the zombie gators had me giggling who knew . I already thought they were dinosaurs who knew they could be turned into zombies . I guess the author did . Yeah I know you are going to say but its a zombie book, dead humans and blah blah blah . I am going to tell you that this is a really good read . I laughed and cried and well honestly did put the book down a couple of times because well was feeling just a little queasy . This book had it all I can't wait to read book 2 when it comes out . So if you want a cool twist on the zompoc check out this book 

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