Monday, March 19, 2018


   Good morning all hope you all had a great weekend . The weather here was well lets say not the best so I did what any snow bunny would do hunker down and read all weekend . The book that had me reading is the new book by Tia Louise . HIT GIRL

                            BOOK BLURB 

My finest trick?
Convincing you I've forgotten.
Names on a list.
Faces in a crowd...
One little girl.
He told me to get over it, let it go.
I can't do that. 
I want them to pay.

                         MY REVIEW 

    Welcome to my world where I promise to get even with everyone that hurt me . The list grows longer with each young girl we rescue . I want them to pay, to hurt and to die for what they have done .  That is the mantra of Molly the young girl who has been through so much in her young life . She is now older but still on a mission to kill those that do the unthinkable to young girls . She has grown older and a little bit wiser . Joshua is the love of her life . She loves him and he knows some of her past . But there are parts that she still needs to tell him and bring him in . They make a great team and with the time they will get their happily ever after . 
    The author writes with an intensity that will suck you in from the first page .  The characters are complex and you can't help but love them . Molly is such a tortured character . She has gone from a little girl to a woman who is out to right a few horrendous wrongs . But is she really a hero , a killer or a vigilante . You really don't know you will cheer for her and shed a tear  or two . You really get to see her finally grow and become the woman that the girls in the safe house needs to be . She finally realizes that she has it all and the men will no longer hurt her . Her love Joshua is a sweet guy who loves her with all his heart . He knows that she has gone through so much but there are things he doesn't know but he loves her anyway. Josh seems to be able to keep Molly sane and safe with his own brand of love he has for her . Her mentor Stas is a character that you just don't know what to think of him . But we find out so much about him towards the end of the book ,you just want to hug him and tell him things will be ok . He turns out to be a great guy . The rest of the gang is also back to help Molly when she needs it . 
   This is a great stand alone but it also fits nicely into the story of Lara and it is a great ending . The characters are really driven and you will fall in love with them. I must say I did have a little crush on Molly she is one driven woman with a passion. There are moments where I did want to strangle her a few times . The author takes us to some places that will make you go holy moly what did she just do to us .  I will tell you this my attitude towards Molly so changes since first reading about her in the Bright lights series . I really didn't like her in that series but in this book she really spoke to me , she won me over big time . So if you want a book full of intrigue and lots of sexy smoldering times . This book has it all for you . Check it out 


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