Monday, February 25, 2019


 Good Monday morning all well we are back in the deep freeze so it will be another great day to drink tea and read books . Today is release day for one of my favourite author and her new book NEVER TEMPT A DEMON (book three in the daughters of eve series ) by J.D Brown

                           BOOK BLURB 

The rules for demon slaying are simple.
Rule #3: Never tempt a demon.
...With a promise you can’t keep.

Surrounded by her great-grandfather’s demon bodyguards, Lyn’s days of running from would-be assassin angels finally slow down.

For about .04 seconds.

When knowledge of her divine ancestry reaches a secret sect known as the Sons of Solomon, a not-so-new enemy rises from the bowels of Hell, sending Lyn, Sam, and Angie into a fight for their lives.

As Lyn’s role in what could very well be Armageddon comes to light, one certain truth becomes obvious: Good and evil are not black and white.

The rules go out the window in this third installment of the riveting Daughter of Eve series by award-winning urban fantasy author J.D. Brown.

                             MY REVIEW 
  What do you do when you are being chased by assassin angels , you surround yourself with great gradfathers demon bodyguards . Lyn is finally not running for the grand total of about 3 seconds . When the secret sect Sons of Solomon start coming after her. Whats a girl got to do to get 5 mins of quiet time and a cup of coffee. With her guardian and the fallen angel that is bound to her. Well they run and fight to save Lyn from opening the portal and then from the sons of solomon . Will she and her band of misfits survive the onslaught from every angle and will Lyn get her cup of coffee . 
    The characters are getting better with each book . Lyn is still snarky and kicking butt . But there is an underlying sadness within her. She lost her best friend and she is still trying to figure out what the heck she is suppose to do .  Angie well she is doing her best as a guardian angel to help Lyn keep it together . She is the literally the anget sitting on her shoulder .  Sam well he is being his broody sexy self . Who is trying to help Lyn but he also has his own agenda . He is one conflicted man / angel . You will like him . 
    The story is heating up with the building feelings between Lyn and Sam and the author teases us with the feelings they are starting to have for each other . Those are so much fun to read , cause you know there will be some snarky comments escaping Lyn's mouth each and every time .  Angie and Lyn have the sweetest relationship , more like sisters then friends . you will love them .  The twists and turns the author takes us on will have you on the edge of your seat . As i say there there were a few parts that i really couldn't connect with and i felt the story just kind of drug a little .  Overall i truly enjoyed this addition to the series and  I can't wait for the next book in the series . So if you want a great series with lots of snark and sassiness in the heroine and hot sexy fallen angels and demons who you think that should be trying to steal your soul but they are protecting you . These are the books for you . 

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