Wednesday, December 25, 2019


 MERRY CHRISTMAS  to one and all today I have a Christmas instalove story for you . UNDERNEATH MY INNOCENCE  by Cathy Jackson .

                           BOOK BLURB 

An Instalove Sweet Erotic Christmas Romance

Librarian Natasha Ergle has dedicated life to her quiet occupation. Dating one man left her unfulfilled. She ended the relationship, needing more to satisfy her desires.

Infrastructure Architect Quentin Brightburn is a long-standing library patron who’s come to admire Natasha. He’s fascinated with Natasha and knows she’s missing something to perfect their relationship.

Construction company owner Jasper Roberts is seeking the love of a good woman. Natasha could be the one, but she comes with another man who’s already in love with her.

Which man will Natasha choose, or does she even have to? She wants the love of two men, but what would it mean for their future?

Publisher's Note: Underneath My Innocence is an instalove Christmas Romance with explicit MFM scenes, graphic language, and voyeurism. HEA certified. 18+ sexual content.

                       MY REVIEW 
   When Natasha Ergle , a sweet librarian working hard at her job falls in love with the man of her dreams . Quentin Brightburn . But even as sexy and strong he is there is something that is missing from their lives . When construction company owner Jasper Roberts walks into the library. They both knew that they found the other part of their relationship. When Quentin invites Jasper home their lives will change forever .

 The characters in this novella are so different then the characters usually write about . These three characters are well written and have a complexity to them . Natasha is a super sweet woman who is well liked and she wants more . Quentin is domineering sexy alpha male who loves he with all his heart but knows there is something missing .  Jasper is a loving man who wants to be loved and to love . When they come together they are sweet and loving and the perfect couples . There is also the  characters that will try and tear them apart. But love does overcome any negativity that comes their way , 

   This is a truly different book from the books that the author usually writes . These characters are instantly in love and they all get their happily ever after . The story is sweet and sexy . I will say it took me just a bit to get into the story , but over all I truly enjoyed the author's first attempt into writing instalove , erotica . For the authors first attempt she did a good job and I would read more of this style from the author . I love happily ever afters . 

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