Friday, September 11, 2020


 Good afternoon all , its Friday and so happy its Friday . Today I have the 9TH book in the Lily Harper series . DAYLIGHT FADING  by Hp Mallory 

                                          BOOK BLURB 

    After returning to Edinburgh, to retrieve their belongings, Lily and the gang find themselves running from more demons, this time on the earthly plane!

Once they give the demons the slip, they’ll find themselves on a quest—this time to free Lily’s aunt, Annice, from the clutches of Alaire.

Once reunited with Annice, they’ll find themselves on a much bigger quest—this one directly from the archangel, Uriel.

And along the way, Lily is still plagued with her strange attraction to Asterion, the Minotaur, a love which goes back hundreds of years. Will her bond with Tallis be enough or will Lily find herself falling in deeper with Asterion?

Find out what happens in Daylight Fading, the 9th book in the Lily Harper Series!

                              MY REVIEW 

  Lily and the gang are back and trying to get their belongings from Edinburgh . They are attacked by some demons and after giving them the slip they are sent on a even more dangerous quest . To find Lily's aunt Annice from the clutches of Alaire . Lily is still plagued with feelings for both Asterion and Tallis . She loves both of them and doesn't want to loose Tallis . Will their love be enough for Lily or will Asterion come between them . 

   As we left off we find Lily and the gang heading to Edinburgh , Lily is going through some changes and becoming more the girl next door and being the Herald brings on a lot more stress for her.  She is feeling the weight of all that being the herald brings with it . Tallis is feeling a little bit jealous of the growing feeling between Lily and Asterion.  Not going to tell you anymore about that cause it will spoil the book for you . We also get to see a new character Lily's aunt who has some important information on the quest they are going on . I really love these characters and love how they are evolving and growing with each book . 

  I was so excited when I started reading this book Lily and the guys are my favourite characters to read . They are complex and so well written . The author really puts them through some harrowing experiences but they come out better then ever .  The author has a way of writing that will have you laughing one moment and the next moment you will have tears in your eyes. This is the ninth book in the series but it still seems fresh and new with each quest . I will admit there were a couple of spots that I felt that dragged just a little bit but over all I loved this installment of Lily's story and can't wait to see what happens next . I would suggest you read the other books before reading this one so you will know all the characters and what is happening to Lily throughout . This would be a great series to read on the cool autumn nights . Check it out you will love it

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