Monday, May 31, 2021


  Good Monday everyone , hope your Monday is going good . Today I have the third book in the Poppy's Potion series by Hp Mallory and JR. Rain. 

                            BOOK BLURB

    A Haven Hollow Novel

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
demons are dangerous,
but love is too.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so love should be in the air, right?
Except it’s not—by a long-shot.
My sasquatch boyfriend, Roy, and I have been doing nothing but arguing and I’m not sure how our relationship is going to survive…
Things haven’t been exactly hunky-dory, but they’re about to get a whole lot worse when Fifi Stenham, a succubus demoness, barges into my store, declaring she needs my help.
Fifi’s family, led by her incubus brother, Angelo, are trying to kidnap her, wanting to ensure she fulfills the succubus credo—seduce and reduce—aka seduce men and reduce their energy by siphoning it from them.
Fifi, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with her succubus nature and wants to divorce herself from it permanently—so she’s finally able to find true love.
When Fifi is doused with a magical potion that quadruples her sensuality, all the citizens of Haven Hollow lose their minds and it becomes a mad dash to whisk Fifi off to safety, safety being Roy’s sasquatch foothold, located deep in the mountains.
It’s a trip I won’t easily forget as relationships and friendships are tested, as well as the bonds between mother and son.
And what I learn from the resident witch will change the course of my life…

                      MY REVIEW 
  Poppy and the gang are back and it is  Valentine's day . Where love is in the air except for Fifi the succubus that just wants to live a life in Haven Hollow. She is need of Poppy's help . Her brother is trying to kidnap her and make her tow the family line . Seduce and reduce the male population, but Fifi just wants to find true love and work at the Haven Hollow Real estate agency . When she is doused with magical love potion well things go from bad to worse . Even man wants her including Poppy's boyfriend Rory. They are on the run and trying to figure everything out . Will they all come out with their hearts intact or will they all be torn apart . 

   Ok adding Fifi to the mix in this story makes for more of a intense story line . The characters all go through a big change in this book . Poppy is still sweet but she also does a lot of growing in the book . She does some heavy thinking and we see taking the high road to make someone else happy. Wanda well she is still a work in progress but we do see her coming out of her pity party a little bit more. Astrid is going to really put Wanda through it and I can't wait to see how that goes . Rory is well he is still grouchy as ever . And we get to meet Fifi who just wants to live a normal life and her brother Angelo who you don't want to trust with anything . They are so well written and you will love reading them , 

  This is such a fun read, we get to see the characters really grow in this book . I love the way these two authors write . They really can write with a passion and the rollercoaster of emotion you go through is amazing . I read this book in an afternoon and there were spots where I was laughing out loud . The brownie scenes were so funny and i snickered all the way through them. There are also times in the book that you will feel for Poppy and just want to hug her tight and tell her that everything will be ok. I so can't wait to see where these authors take the characters in the next book. So if you want a great series to read this summer. Check them out for your summer reading list . 

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