Monday, May 3, 2021


 Good morning everyone welcome to May , I hope you are having a great day . Today I have book 2 in Wanda's Witchery series . SPANDEX SORCERY by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                            BOOK BLURB 

    A Haven Hollow Novel

I’m what’s known as a Blood Witch—a witch who was half-turned by a vampire. I’m still in the process of learning how to reverse my condition by returning his ‘kiss’ to the vampire who blooded me, Lorcan Rowe.

But every time we attempt the spell, it goes awry.

Now it’s become a race against time; if Lorcan’s powers aren’t returned to him through a reversal spell, he’ll eventually lose his mind and there’s a very good chance he’ll kill me in the process.

As if that weren’t bad enough, through a misfiring of my unpredictable magic, I manage to inundate my house with bubbling mold spores. When the spores start whispering about murder, I know something wicked this way comes.

Between ghosts suddenly coming back to life, bodies found buried in the backyard, and vampires demanding my full blooding, my life is going from bad to worse.

I can only hope that the bane of my existence, who also happens to be my familiar, Hellcat, doesn’t breathe a word of this to my mother. If he does, I’ll have to add ‘burning at the stake’ to the list of things already going very wrong…

                           MY REVIEW 
  Wanda is trying to help Lorcan reverse the spell and give him his life back but everything they are doing seems to be going wrong . To make matters worse she turns her house into one big bubbly mold mess . That are whispering ghostly premonitions . All while she is trying to get her magical dress shop up and going . With ghosts hanging around and then there are the bodies buried all around the back yard what is a witch to do . 

 This is book two in the series and well Wanda is really in it this time . She just really wants to dislike everyone especially Poppy but alas things don't go as planned . She is trying to do good but she also just doesn't want to work hard at it.  She seems to be whiney and self indulged at the start of the book . I know she is misunderstood but she can come off as a hag. It could be because of the way she as raised in the coven . You really do see her turn about through out the book. She really starts to care for the people she is involved with . I must say i really like hellcat he is like the conscious that Wanda needs some times he is arrogant little cat that one moment you want to love and the next min punt him across room . Which makes him lovable in his own way. 

  I read this book in an evening , I love the characters and they are so well written. You really get a feel for what the characters are feeling through out the book . The authors have a way of writing that will have you laughing hard one min and then on the edge of your seat the next. I can't wait to see where the authors take the characters .  Its a fun, fast read that will you will love . So if you want a good summer read check out this series . 

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