Wednesday, May 24, 2023


  Good morning my peeps I really hope your Wednesday is going well. Today I have for you an author I am loving. Jodi Allen Brice and her book NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS.

                             BOOK BLURB

 "Not Like the Other Girls" is a touching and emotional novel that takes readers on a journey through the life of Kathleen Johnson. Raised by her loving grandparents on a Southern farm, Kathleen's life is filled with faith, love, and determination. Drawn to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps of helping people, she decides on a nursing career. There, she meets and falls in love with the perfect guy, Matthew Hollings, and soon finds herself walking the aisle and making a lifetime commitment to loving him. But when she discovers his dark secret, she is forced to return to her grandparents' farm to figure things out and decide what to do.

To her surprise, she encounters a farm hand from her past, whom she must forgive in order to move forward. As her faith wavers and she finds herself in unknown territory, she must make a choice to trust without faltering or sink below the waves of fear.

Heartbreak and secrets are at the center of this captivating novel, but ultimately it is a story of redemption and how God seeks out the brokenhearted to call His Own. "Not Like the Other Girls" reminds readers that though we may be a product of our past, our future is a fresh, clean slate waiting to be written.

                   MY REVIEW

 Kathleen is a college student who wants to get her nursing career and help people like her grandparents. Growing up on a farm in the south Kathleen was raised by her grandparents. When she meets the perfect guy at school and falls in love hard. After marriage Kathleen begins to loose herself and things come to a head , home is where she belongs and when an enemy from her past , well who she thought was and enemy , comes back into her life maybe she can find herself again. 

Kathleen is one of the sweetest characters ever, kindhearted, willing to help anyone out. Until the day Mathew walked into her life and her life changed and honestly not for the better . You see her loose herself in a love that really can't be called love. We see her fall and become the  brunt of what her husband is doing. When do you fight back and take back your life and when do you finally let go of the past is the center of her turmoil and come out the other end stronger and wiser. Mathew is one of those characters that well is way too good to be true . He comes in like a tornado taking everything with him. He is good looking and well has the personality of a great guy. But like every thing looks can be deceiving and words have double meaning . There are times bad things come wrapped in good looking packages. Grans and grandpa are the sweetest people ever but they know more then they let on when it comes to the young couple. The character I really did like was Deacon, this poor boy is brooding and sometimes comes off as a gruff bully, but there is more to Deacon then he lets on. There is a lot of hurt in him and his heart. When push comes to shove he is the guy you want in your corner . 

  This book is one of those books that is sweet but also very poignant story line. The characters are very well written and complex. You will love Kathleen and her grandparents and want to wrap them up and hold them tight. I honestly couldn't put this book down I was cheering for Kathleen the whole time and I never trusted Mathew at all. The author had a way of sucking you in with the great characters and a timely topic. There is a fall and redemption and a chance at new love in this book . If you want a sweet book that will have you reading into the night check it out .  

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