Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 Good morning my peeps, I hope your week is going well and you all had a great weekend . Its been a pretty busy week here on the farm but I did have time to get some reading done and today I have book two in the Midlife Mysteries series .  POISON PEN LETTERS by Hp Mallory.

                         BOOK BLURB

   London, 1880

All of London is abuzz about the newest scandal: Poison Pen Letters.
These letters, written anonymously, are plaguing the upper classes and include highly personal and damning information that could ruin numerous reputations.
And guess who happens to be investigating them? The highly irritable Inspector Grant Stirling.
Just as ornery and difficult as he’s always been, it seems I can’t stop crossing paths with the cantankerous man.
When my closest friend, Lady Caroline Ashmore, receives her own detestable letter with allegations that are too lewd for respectable eyes, I decide to get involved.
And find myself butting heads with Inspector Grumpy.
As if that weren’t frustrating enough, enter the enigma known as William Spencer—a man who just might prove to be the Ace in my sleeve where this investigation is concerned...


Philippa Fairfax is going to send me to an early grave.
The woman is nosy, determined, stubborn and quite like the vermin problem in London, she’s impossible to get rid of.
And yet… there’s something about her that’s causing me to get hot underneath my collar—and not just with anger.
Confident, brazen, independent and undeniably beautiful, I can’t keep the blasted woman out of my investigations or out of my mind.
And I’m not certain which is worse…

                         MY REVIEW 
 Its 1880 London and ladies are ladies and men are men. Lady Fairfax is embroiled in another mystery , the poison pen letters. They are plaguing the upper crust of London and no one knows who is penning the letters. When her friend  gets her own letter Philippa takes it upon herself to figure out who is writing the letters. That means she will be butting heads with Grant Stirling the sexy inspector who really gets under her skin. In walks a perfect stranger a devilish stranger who is turning her life upside down. William Spencer the link in the case that might just might push Philippa in the right direction. Will she be able to figure out the writer of the letters and will she butt heads with Grant and not get anything done. 

   Grant and Philippa are back with a new mystery, and really getting under each others skin. Philippa is well being as strong willed as one could be back in the day. She carries a secret with her that she has since a child that she can see dead people, which no one knows of . Grant well lets just say there is more to him then just being a inspector, he is debonair and sometimes quite infuriating in a good way. You know you can trust him but he also gives off an air of importance and he will get the job done. We also get to meet a new character, William Spencer , we get to meet him in a spectacular way in Philippa's bedroom.  He is a character and honestly you don't know what way he will go. It is like he has a way of charming himself out of any situation he gets into. You really can't trust him but you can't help but like his charming ways. 

  This is book two in the series and a brand new mystery to solve . The characters are really likable and you get invested in them very fast. The author has taken us back in time but has not made the books stuffy like some historical books. She has made her own world in that time period and you can't help but fall for the time and the characters. This is a fun fast read that would be great for a beach read for the summer so check out the series,  Step back in time for a fun fast read .

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