Friday, October 24, 2014


Welcome to day two of my horror story reviews . Todays book is THOUGHTS OF HELL by Jason Mueller.


Thoughts of Hell is an anthology of 7 new stories and the original version of Shower Time from the first anthology Darkness Apart. These stories range from the monsters under your bed to the monsters who live next door. Each story is a little piece of something you aren’t sure exists, but worry that it just might be out there or is it all in our heads.

It’s probably just in your head.

In…. Thoughts of Hell

 Well I should really take the advice of my friend Dana. She told me not to start this book at night. Well I didn't take her advice and started this book just before bed last night. YEAH well I couldn't put it down and then I got the crap scared out of me at a couple of times . Put the book down and watched some silly movie and then went back to the book . It took me 4 hrs to actually read a short book like this.
  Jason has a way of taking you to the depths of hell with his short stories. You want to put the book down but then you want to keep reading even though your hairs on your arms standing up on end and your heart is in your throat . This collection of short story will actually terrorize you. IF YOU ARE SCARED OF THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT. THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE BOOK FOR YOU.
  Jason is becoming my new favorite horror author . So if you want a good scary read check out THOUGHTS OF HELL . You won't be disappointed .

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