Thursday, October 30, 2014


It is the day before HALLOWEEN and today I am reviewing another zombie book. Today's book

In Northeast Texas, the epic adventure of a group of survivors begins as they take refuge in a hospital, waiting to see if the world-wide Red Infection can be stopped before all humanity is wiped out. As victims awaken from a coma, they now have the basic need to attack loved ones, to spread the infection, and to feed on warm flesh. Only rage remains. In days, the dead outnumber the living, and the US turns to the ultimate weapons to stop the infection.

In a world filled with zombies, survivors find that the living can be far more inhumane and cruel than anything they have ever imagined, as raiders scavenge for supplies and lawlessness and hatred are the norm. Both outlaws and zombies crave meat. In this time of hopelessness and horror, a bullet to the brain may be the kindest action.
George, an older, retired police officer, sets his own terms: fight and survive or go the way you want, but don’t let the zombies win. He explains that everyone is responsible for his own fate, and if that means going out on unpopular terms, then so be it. Len, a retired Marine; a quiet cowboy, Kim; a hot-tempered Hispanic woman, Julia; and a compassionate young woman, Beth all begin their terrorizing journey, not only to survive, but also to establish a new society, find love and joy in a barren, bloody landscape, and to face gathering enemies.

The first of the compelling series, George’s Terms, introduces a memorable cast of characters and a terrifying vision of a world, burned to rubble and filled with flesh-eating adversaries. As each person faces inner fears and new roles, he finds law and morality must be redefined. Zombies are used as the vehicle, but the story is all about what humans will do to survive when the odds are stacked against them; luckily, for the survivors, George has given them the terms that may keep humans from becoming extinct.
  This is a gory bloody, scary frightening good book. It is exceptionally well written. This zombie book starts out with  survivors taking refuge in a hospital. Fighting for survival. We met George a retired police officer and his band survivors. Len  a retired marine, and Kim , Julia and Beth. They all come together to survive and begin again.
  I absolutely loved this book. Catt writes such vivid believable characters. They are so colorful and believable . You get completely get suckered into the story from the first page of this book. You want to cheer for these survivors. You will fall in love with all of them and want to get their happy endings away the zombies . I loved George he was such a great character, you want to love him and hug him.
  The story is well written and when you think you have it figured out Catt will take you a whole different direction and will blow you away. This book will keep you reading well into the night. Your heart will be pounding in your chest as you read. It has realistic story line and great believable characters. Reminds me of the WALKING DEAD in  the way her characters are written and the plot lines . So if you want a great zombie read for tomorrow night check it out. Catt will leave you breathless and you will not be disappointed

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