Thursday, October 9, 2014

good Thursday all

Good Thursday everyone. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great day today.  Well today is something totally different for me to review. I am reviewing my first book of poetry. MUSINGS OF A MODERN ROMANTIC POETIC THOUGHTS by Michael Peter Smith

In his second book, “Musings of a Modern Romantic”, Michael Peter Smith shares his latest poetry, once again taking you into the mind of a man who is a hopelessly incurable romantic. His goal as a poet is to illicit a response or bring out feelings from within that will touch your heart and move your soul. He still believes in love, and giving you the male perspective in prose. From love and lust to heartache and pain, he shares even more depth than he did in the first book. These poems will open your eyes and show you what goes on inside the mind of a man that has been through more than his share of heartache, loss and challenges and yet still believes in the possibility of “Happily Ever After”!


  This was my first book of poetry that I have read, I must say I really enjoyed the poems in this book. There are poems of heartache, loss and yes you do get a chance at HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
  The author takes us on a journey with these poems as you read them you will identify with some of them . I identified with a couple of poems really struck home with me. Spit it out was one of them
You all know you have those words that you want to say but you just can't bring youself to say them until it is too late. I know I have had them.
  There are poems in the book that will rip at your heart and make you want to cry as you read them . They are honest and raw. The author does a great job in conveying his feelings all of them . He has given himself in this book
 So if you want to read honest poems with so much feeling this author is the author to read
You will love the raw honesty and care that the author takes . So if you love poetry and want to read some honest poetry pleas take a chance and read Michael Peter Smiths book

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