Friday, November 28, 2014

Good Friday

Good Friday all, hope you have had a great week and the readers in the U.S hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Today we are reviewing THE DYING DANCE by Richardo Fleshman

"How do we reconcile the beauty in death?"

The Dying Dance is the story of retired New Orleans Police Detective turned Private Investigator Moses Andre Byone, self proclaimed skeptic who uncovers an underworld of voodoo, dark magic and betrayal in the shadows of the human heart as he searches to understand the death of a wealthy white lawyer from Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. On his journey to solve the case Mose discovers a mysterious silver box that may hold the secrets to the darker human behaviors of greed, lust and power. He must find a way to not only protect himself, but also his beautiful young Creole ward, Lisette St. Germain, lest they meet with their own gruesome end. Filled with a wonderful cast of complex and unforgettable characters set against the alluring, grimy but mysterious backdrop of 1970's New Orleans, the story is sure to thrill and entertain as Mose searches to discover the truth of The Dying Dance.
Ok this isn't just a check it out and read , this is a MUST READ book. I got so sucked into this book. I read it and couldn't put it down, It takes place in New Orleans, so you know there is going to be voodoo and black magic happening . And boy is there ever , actually from the very first page.  There is also murder, ,mystery and love . 
   In this story we meet Moses Byone, a retired police officer, who now is a private eye who gets pulled into helping solve the murder of a prominent  white lawyer. As he works hard to discover the truth of what happened. But will he survive to find out what is going on.
  The author takes us on a wild, wild ride. Set in the 1970's New Orleans. It is gritty and the twists and turns will keep you reading until late into the night. This is a very fast paced book.  Which to me is a great asset. Its straight to the point and like I said gritty. You don't have to read page after page to figure out what is happening. It is concise and to the point but still will take you on such a ride . You will get so engrossed , you will be reading well into the night
   The characters in this book are so well written, they are so realistic and trust me you will want to hug Moses a few times . His character development was great, the characters came alive within the pages. They will jump out at you when you are reading.
  I really enjoyed this book. It was a hard book to put down cause I so wanted to see how things turned out for Moses. It is a quick read and you will have it done in an evening but it is a really great read . I can't wait till book 2. This is going to be a great series and I hope it goes on for a while . So if you want a great mystery mixed in there voodoo , murder and love . This is the book for you . Trust me you will not be disappointed at all .

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