Sunday, November 2, 2014

today we have a special interview Willsin Rowe

Today we have a special treat for you. We have Willsin Rowe here to talk about his new book

Hi Willsin and welcome to my page.
Hi thanks for having me .

Please tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! Im Willsin Rowe, and Im an Aussie guy who writes erotica and erotic romance. Im also a busy cover artist and until recently was a working musician as well. Im 45, married, have two sons, and as my official bio says, Im neither stylish enough nor scruffy enough to be cool!

Tell our readers, what type of books do you write and how many have you written?
Mostly I write contemporary erotic romance, although Im told my work is often romantic, but not capital-R Romance. That could be because Im male and my sense of romance is different to most womens. I recently put the finishing touches on a paranormal erotic romance story as well, though Im yet to decide if its my genre or not!

Your new book just came out. Can you give us a sneak peek and tell us what is it about?
Sure! Its called This, I Can Do and its a short erotic romance about a young couple and the upheaval that comes from having a teething baby. Not really standard erotic fare, I realise, but I personally believe almost any intense situation between consenting adults can have an erotic side to it.


Teresa Ross is having the morning from hell. Still fairly new to motherhood, the changes to her once-slender body are one thing. But a teething baby she can't calm and the sleepless nights that go with it have drained her resources.

Even a phone call to her calm-voiced husband Bradley does nothing. But when he surprises her by coming home from work, everything suddenly feels right.
The lustful look in his eye lights a fire inside her that she feared had been doused forever. Far from being disgusted by the jiggly bits and stretch marks that taunt her in the mirror, Bradley sees the desirable woman shes always been
with a whole lot more depth and character.

When Bradley uses his daddy-magic to get the baby to sleep, the world is suddenly a beautiful place. But when he sends Teresa to bed, rest is the last thing on her mind.
To truly connect with her husband again, shell have to put aside her body issues. Under Bradleys tender touch and fiery eyes, suddenly that seems like the easiest thing in the world to do.

Do you have any rituals when you write.
Not exactly. I suppose turning off my wi-fi is about it! Damn you, Facebooooooook!

Who inspired you to start writing.
It wouldnt be any one person, I dont think. Mainly it would be the writers I read when younger, and the way their words made me feel. For a while I was convinced Id end up writing comedy (and I do, in fact, get good feedback on any comedic works I write). I suppose I would trace that back through Douglas Adams, to Monty Python and then back to The Goon Show.


What is this tea you speak of? Heehee!

Good ol fish n chips.

The Cat in the Hat! (Seriously, that was the book that broke through my resistance at age 5 and showed me how amazing reading was).

FAVORITE AUTHOR, besides yourself hahahahaha.
Terry Pratchett

Mid-morning through to mid-afternoon.

Hey, Im a dude. I need SILENCE! But when my familys being noisy, I crank up rain sounds and put on my headphones.

What would you tell an aspiring writer? What words of wisdom would you give them?
Learn your craft as best you can and keep on plugging away. Always remember some will love your work and some will not. And as an extension of thateven if the haters cant separate the author from the story, if you want to remain sane, YOU must do so! DONT FEED THE TROLLS!
The bed was comfortable and the morning was warm. With the blinds closed, the room had a twilight feel about it. The night had been awful, and my handsome husband was tending our beautiful baby. The house was quiet and the bedroom was toasty. Conditions were perfect for a long and well-deserved sleep.
So it was sweet torture to realize I was horny like I couldn
t believe. Damn Bradley and his hand on my hip. Damn his words of praise. And most of all, damn those beautiful eyes of his, roaming all over me.

My shower interlude had done less than nothing. It was like killing one ant, only to awaken the entire colony. The tickling want in my pussy had only one cure, and, after four months of discomfort, 19 hours of agony, and seven months of parenthood, it was the one that scared me the most.
My husbands cock. No matter how much Id missed the feel of him inside me, the way hed rock his hips against me and pin me to the bed and draw long moans from within me, I
d let fear block me. And fear had become a habit. A habit that needed breaking as soon as possible.
Everything was quiet in the house. Either Bradley had left with Abbie, or he
d done the impossible, and actually gotten her to sleep.
I remembered my sister using that voice. The one you try to project three rooms away without actually making any noise.
He nudged the door open. Abbie was still in his arms, but with a pacifier in her mouth she was finally, blissfully asleep. Or maybe it was the warmth and strong pounding of her daddys chest. Hell, Id long ago lost count of the times Id fallen asleep listening to Brad
s heartbeat.
Babe, why dont you put her down?
Aw, I dont get to hold her like this all that often.
I drew the covers slowly down and showed him where my hand was. Oh. okay. Please yourself. And Ill just have to do the same.

Bradley moaned as he once again studied my naked body. Oh, god. Ill be right back.






  1. Great interview! I came to know Willsin from a fb group and was very happy to support his writing as a friend but This, I Can Do was a really wonderful book. He is right, romance comes in all kinds of forms & situations. He also has a wicked sense of humor & is very appreciative of his fans/friends.

  2. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here today! And Donna, thank you for your positivity and support - it means the world to me.

  3. Love the interview. You're a pretty darn good writer for a dude or even dudette in the romance department. ;) As to cover artist, you're one of the best.