Saturday, November 22, 2014


Good Saturday all . Welcome to the weekend, it is getting closer to Christmas with each day that passes. I know we have lots to do but if you have some time you should read the new book by Tanya Sands , called MOBILE PLEASURE.

Josie Stewart is a strong, independent woman not fully recovered from her abusive past. She put herself out there to others as a hardass. With a past that would cripple most, Josie rose above and conquered. Or has she? It certainly guided her down the path to S&M.
Enter Sam Jensen. Part owner of a local BDSM club. He knew he had a reputation as the club playboy, but deep down he was looking for more. Can his experience as a sadistic dominant show her that she was meant for him, meant for the lifestyle, meant to be cherished?
Can a sadist show a masochist that love comes when you least expect it?

This is the second book in the Chaser series. Sam and Josie's story.
If you remember you met both Josie and Sam in the first book. At a barbecue. He knew instantly that Josie was a submissive. Well this is their story and how they overcome the past to bring them together.
 Tanya has a way of writing that makes you instantly fall in love with the characters. You find that their is bits of you in Josie. She is a character that is tough but yet so vulnerable that you want to just hug her one moment but the shake some sense into her the next. All her female characters are curvy and strong. There isn't a stick figure in the whole book . THANK GOD.  The men are hot and sexy and love them some curves. AGAIN THANK GOD . She also brings in the characters from the first book so we get to catch up with Randa and her men too.
 There is BDSM in this book which Tanya writes with a realistic vibe to it. Not fantasy like a lot of other writers do. I mean there is a dick in every area and there is one in this book also. I will say that Tanya's writing of the BDSM lifestyle is comparable to the writings of  Cherise Sinclair as they both write with such an honesty and don't glamourize the lifestyle . So if you don't like reading honest BDSM then this might not be the book for you.
 So if you want a book that you can read in a evening and be thoroughly entertained and fall in love . This is the book for you . You don't necessarily have to read book one but if you want to get to know them all its a good idea. So check out both DOUBLE HER PLEASURE , you will want to meet Jack and Chase, and MOBILE PLEASURE. You will have an enjoyable night of reading ahead of you
Trust me you will enjoy them.

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