Sunday, November 30, 2014


Good Sunday everyone , hope you all survived BLACK FRIDAY hope you got your Christmas shopping started . If you are stuck on a great gift for the teen your life you should check out TIME
TURNER book 2 in the Legends series by Marianne Morea.

Rowen threw her arms in the air. “What am I supposed to say when I move into my dorm? Hi. I’m, Rowen. I’m a Liberal Arts major. I like music and hiking, and by the way I’m also a witch and really good with weird…”

Sparring with the fates.
Rowen Corbett and Hunter Morrissey are no strangers to powerful magic. Their senior year was a baptism by fire, caught in the paranormal crosshairs of a two hundred year old battle for justice and retribution. Now, weeks before college life is set to begin, the two are desperate to put to rest past events too hard to fathom and too painful to forget…so they head to the mountains for an innocent weekend of fun…

…But destiny isn’t finished with them.
Beckoning visions haunt Rowen’s dreams until unseen forces hurl her back in time to a colonial world of betrayal, revolutionary intrigue, and death. She finds herself face to face with people and events with a dark history not written in any textbook.
The power that summons her has unfinished business to complete and Rowen is the key. If she refuses, she faces far reaching consequences in the future where Hunter waits for a way for her to return. With only her wits and a basic knowledge of the past, she must survive long enough to earn her way home or die before she was ever born.
 This is book two in the series , let me just say the series is getting better and better with each book. This books continues just a few weeks before Rowan and Hunter head off to college. The summer has be a little rough on them . Hunter in California and Rowan trying to come to terms about what has happened that night in the cemetery. She has also been having some disturbing visions of the past. Things happen when they are out on a day of rafting that sends Rowen into the past where she is the key to putting things right . She is the only one that can do it , with the knowledge of what happens and her wit she will get through this or die trying .
  This the second book in the series and Marianne takes us on a great adventure. Being transported back to colonial times. From the sights and sounds to the places of history. Marianne takes us there.
 Her characters are so realistic, you will fall in love with them , Rowen and the ladies are such fun characters to read, I especially love Mrs. Macpherson and Seargent Campbell. They become Rowen's surrogate parents, They are sweet and loving and treat Rowen like their own daughter.
    This is a great book that both teens and us older teens would love to read. There is love , mystery and history all wrapped up in one nice fast read. I started this book in the after noon and finished it that night. I got so wrapped up in the story line I just couldn't put it down. Trust me you will want to find out what happens when Rowen is transported back. You want to try and figure out what happens cause you really want Rowen to get back home. You will laugh, cry and cheer as you read this book. You might even want to strangle a couple of people as you read but trust me this is one fast paced ride.
 So if you want a great book to cuddle up with this  Christmas season . Or give as a gift to your favorite reader in your life . Check out TIME TURNER and her first book in the series HOLLOW'S END. Trust me you won't be disappointed at all. I guarantee it .

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