Sunday, August 9, 2015

good Sunday morning all

Good Sunday morning all . Hope your weekend is going well and you are having fun doing what you are doing . If you are looking for that next book I think I have just the one for you . MY SOUL TO KEEP (THE BLESSED book one ) by Marianne Morea
                            BOOK BLURB
"Angels are neither good nor bad, Alexa. Unlike humans our will is bound by the divine. We do God's bidding and our tasks are not always pleasant or fair. We aren't frescoed characters hovering over humanity ensuring happiness. Sometimes what we bring comes in the form of destruction."

"I thought Angels were supposed to inspire love."

"Love? Yeah, well…that's where the lines get a little blurred."

Rescued from a nightmare, Alexa Burrell finds herself in the middle of a war. One where she's the unlikely key to keeping good and evil in check. Only problem? She must walk between worlds to do so. Dangerous passions seethe between her and the warrior angel sent to protect her the closer she gets to fulfilling her destiny. Can she resist, knowing heaven and earth hang in the balance?

                           MY REVIEW
     Lets enter the world of Angels, the good, the bad and the fallen.  I have always loved angel books and this one was no exception.  As I started reading I was instantly pulled in. The way the author puts a twist  into the story line by having scions , or angel touched women into the mix of the good versus evil . But really is it as black and white as good versus evil . Everyone has the shades of grey that go along with the good and evil. 
     I absolutely loved the characters in this book. They are complex and you can see their struggles . Rafe and Alexa are so drawn to each other  and its hot , I mean hot. And Samuel oh my  Samuel. He is so tortured you kind of want to wrap him up in a soft warm hug and take away his pain. But then on the other hand you want to slap him up side the head and tell him to snap out of it . But omg he is one sexy fallen angel, all brooding and sexy singer . Yeah he could break a few hearts. There is Luce aka Lucifer . He is smooth talking and debonair. But truly evil.  There so many supporting characters what work so well in this story . They bring a lot to the story with out over powering the story line. They are very well written and I know that everyone that reads it will find the character that they love . OK I ADMIT IT. I have a thing for Samuel , yes  I  am a sucker for the broken tortured soul.
      The author takes us on a great adventure in this book. I mean how many books take you to the seventh circle of hell and back and have fun doing it . This author does it  and does it well . She mixes the relatively heaven angel stuff with great pop culture phases .  She also wrote one of the best lines I think I have ever read in a book .
 " If it wasn't for his celestial self control he would of shoved his tongue so far down her throat he could of licked her clit ."
  I mean come on that is one awesome line . I giggled so hard when I read that one . The author does a great job updating the story of Angels and making them not so good, she made them real in my eyes . She also introduces us to gargoyles and little animals called azures . This is a real page turner and once you start , you will not put down until the end. I started this book in the morning and by the time I realized the time I was half way through the book . The story moved as such a good pace and you will let out a few OMGS along the way . So if you want a great story full of hot guardian angels and the scion women that will kick some ass. This is the new book for you . Come on and check out

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