Saturday, August 29, 2015

welcome to saturday all

Welcome to Saturday today is book release day for Cathy Jackson. BOUND is out today .

                                                           BOOK BLURB
The follow up novella to Broken.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life that I wish I could take back. There’s been so much pain and hurt, all of which I have caused. Now I am coming home, and I am not going to do it alone. I love Evelyn Miller, a woman of God who follows His ways. My brothers will see the change in me, and I will earn their trust once again.

Continue Evelyn and Jonathon’s journey as they walk the road God intended for them. Reunite with John, Phoenix, and Anna as their love of family grows stronger.
Follow David as he waits patiently on Evelyn to decide if he is her future.

Bound is Book 4 of the Bloom Series

                                           MY REVIEW
Lets see what can I say about this book . Let me start by saying Cathy has done it again. I have a vested interest in these characters since book one . I feel like they are all part of my family.
This is the continuation of Johnny and Evie's story. Johnny is trying hard to become what Evie wants him to be . But she is torn between two men. Both brothers and she needs to figure things out. Will she pick the right man for her .
Cathy has written such strong characters that are complex but so sweet and caring. The Westerling men are all amazing men who love their women and have a faith in God that is non wavering. The women Phee and Evie have been through hell and finally have come to love and acceptance . Evie is torn between the two men David and Johnny , one is the perfect man and the other trying to find his way back.
Cathy takes us on a journey through the highs and lows and back up to the highs. You will shed some tears and have some giggles . But you will be sucked into the story and you will want them to all have their HAPPILY EVER AFTERS. So check it out if you want a series that has heart and soul and will make you hug your family just a little harder after you are done .

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