Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone. I was very honored when I got an advanced  copy of L.M Pruitt's new book. INSTRUCTION

                            BOOK BLURB
Taylor Allerton's speakeasy is one of the hottest nightclubs in Manhattan. Young, rich, and beautiful, she can have any man she wants--and usually does.

Namir Adeem just became the youngest partner at one of the most prestigious accounting firms in Manhattan. His determination to bring honor to his family leaves no time for any relationship.

When Taylor discovers just how sheltered Namir is, she takes it upon herself to give him the education he deserves.

Some things can't be taught in school....

                        MY REVIEW
    Let me introduce you to Taylor Allerton and Namir Adeem. Two very different people . That are drawn together and the sparks fly , but can the sheltered accountant and the rich party girl survive each other and the pressures from those around them.
   OMG lets see what are the first words out of my mouth about L.M's new book . ITS HOT and I mean scorching . The chemistry between the two main characters is unbelievable. The sexual tension just pours off the page.  The story line is pretty unique also , usually the woman is the one who is sheltered and the man is usually the one with all the experience. The author did a great job in twisting the characters and giving the female character the one that does the teaching as to say . She did a great job portraying each character and his or her problems with commitment.
   Taylor is a spoiled rich girl, who also opened up a speakeasy . She has never had a relationship all she wants from men is sex. Then she discards them like yesterdays old newspapers . She hops form one scandal to another. Until the day she meets Namir , the accountant that is sent to check up on her. From the first moment she flirts with him , she sees something in his eyes, something that she has to explore.
    Namir is a strong man, of Iranian descent , who lives with his brother and sister . He is the youngest partner in the accounting firm. He is a workaholic and really has no time to date, seeing as he is helping his overbearing father. That is until the day he meets Taylor and everything is thrown out the window. He is taken for the ride of his life under her tutelage. It is a switch to him being pursued . He is sweet and kind, and he is a good student .
     The author takes us on a journey that will keep you turning the pages . I strongly suggest that you find a comfortable spot and have an iced cold beverage or a cold fan blowing. Trust me your kindle will be scorching hot as you read. I had to fan myself a couple of times as I read , The phone sex scene alone was unbelievably hot . When you read it you will understand. All I can say is L.M has done it again. So if you want a good hot read to wind down the summer with check out INTSTRUCTION  you won't be disappointed one bit .

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