Wednesday, March 16, 2016


  Good Wednesday everyone , man have I got a book for you today . I binge read this book in like a day and a half. THE DARK AGE ( Marlowe Gentry book 2) by Dallas Mullican.

                           BOOK BLURB

The Heretic knows they lied. Now, he will make them confess.

The first murder, a small town pastor burned at the stake, seems personal; an act of rage committed on impulse. But when a second victim is found brutally tortured to death, Detective Marlowe Gentry realizes he’s dealing with a serial killer who is drawing inspiration from the Inquisition: The Heretic.

The killer’s methods grow more gruesome with each victim. He’s escalating, racing toward an endgame. How far will The Heretic go to punish those who betrayed him? And can Marlowe stop him before the ultimate trial?

                         MY REVIEW
 This book had me from the very first page , I couldn't put this book down. The author drops us right into the action. Detective Gentry is holding it together by a hair . Ever since the seraphim killers demise. His life is improving , his daughter is on the road to recovery , but is still struggling and has a long way to go . He has a love life which is going pretty good so far, but things are all that rosy between his daughter and his girlfriend . Which could just throw a whole kink into his life. When he has to serve a warrant and that is where everything goes wrong on so many levels . There is a mafia boss after him and a new serial killer on the loose, what a man to do . The killer is taking pages out of the inquisition and killing people in the worse possible ways. With each death becoming more and more gruesome . Will they find the killer and before all hell breaks loose .
   The characters in this book are exactly what you want in a good thriller book. They are complex but flawed.  Marlowe is such a complex guy , he is trying to get his life back together with his new girlfriend and his daughter . You can see him struggling to keep the both of them from killing each other, and its starting to take a toll. You don't know if you want to hug him and take care of him or kick him in the ass.  There is a crazy Cartel boss Caesar Ramirez who is looking to get revenge on because of his sons death . Which just adds to the intensity level in this book and one of the many things that are going on . The starting of the Violent Crime Unit bring Spence, Koop and special agent Kline in . They are all pivotal in catching the killer. They go through some really horrible stuff and see so much while trying to catch the Heretic . Who in my opinion is even more evil then the seraphim killer in book one . He is one messed up dude, and taking revenge on anyone and everyone that has wronged him . He uses the pages from the Inquisition to do it . He is one cruel evil dude that well needed to be punished big time.
    I must say that this book is a whole heck of a lot darker then the first book . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless.  The way the author just takes us and puts in the middle of the action from the very first page.  The characters are more flawed and the murders are even more gruesome.  I couldn't put this book down , and I found myself holding my breath a few times and also asking myself WTH and OMG  come on catch this sicko. Which to me proves that the author has it right and is taking down the path and wanting us to decide for ourselves. Now if this book blew me away and made me read well into the night . Giving me the biggest book hangover to date . I can just imagine what book three will do to me. I can't wait to see what more this author has to say and where he is going to take us next. I will tell you if you start this book be prepared to read long into the night . Way to go Dallas you rocked it again. Bring on book 3

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