Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 Are you all ready to head to KOKOMO'S CAFE a small coffee shop in Flagler beach where everyday is a new adventure and a new cast of characters come out to play . Maybe we can buy a coffee for the author Armand Rosamilia .

                           BOOK BLURB

Flagler Beach Florida is quite the small town, eclectic and quirky... and filled with many unique characters.

Kokomo's Café owners Mac and Ginny see their fair share day in and day out. Come meet the locals and the tourists!

Contemporary Fiction and a fun beach read! Includes Ten Short Stories set in Kokomo's Café!

                          MY REVIEW
  This is a fun read , a great read for the beach this summer .  There are ten short stories within the book . All ten stories are entwined but are so good to read on their own. I love all the colorful characters that come in and visit Mac and Ginny on a daily basis . Everyone from the bikers to the guy in the corner all by himself not saying a word to anyone , just typing away on this computer . You never know who you meet either townie or vacationer .
  The characters are so diverse and kind of quirky. But the central characters Mac and Ginny are living the dream in a small beach town in Florida . They are such a sweet and loving couple that really take an interest in what is happening to the customers in their town. The rest of the cast of characters all have their own distinct qualities about them . We have the townies that are there before the place even opens .  And the vacationers that come and go as they take a break from the farmers market across the road or the beach . Mac and Ginny know them all and like any good parents they keep tabs on all their kids . There are a few characters that you think are there to do bad but as you read you find that they are there to help someone in pain . Then there is the mystery guy in the corner . I feel he is the unsuspecting narrator in this story as he appears in almost every story .  Or he is just a voyageur watching the soap opera that is called life .
    I can't believe it when I found these books on line , I found Armand through his horror and zombie books . Who knew he had a sweet side that could write a sweet set of book based in a small town . It is well written and the flow is good and he makes me want to go to Florida and find the café, order a cup of coffee and a sandwich and just people watch.  He does a very good telling of what small town life is like and the people living in that small town . I can't wait to read the rest of the series . I love Armand for his horror books now I think I found a sweet way to spend the summer .  So come on down to KOKOMO CAFE grab a seat and check out the scenery . You never know you could become a quirky character in the mystery man's book . Check out this sweet series ,  I know you will not be disappointed

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