Thursday, March 31, 2016


     Good Thursday all , sorry I haven't been around battling migraines and allergies . So what does a girl do when she can't do anything else . She reads and today we are going to talk DUPLICATING DA VINCI by Freya Le Crow

                            BOOK BLURB

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

In book two of the Shaw Case Files: Kissney and Levi have spent years chasing one serial killer that left them wondering if they would ever find the suspect. Now with a new one running loose in New York City, they find themselves in the same predicament—only this time it involves hot wax. Can they catch the culprit of these unique murders? And how many will die before they do?

Levi comes to terms that the love he feels for Kissney won’t be returned but finds that ties to the woman aren’t easily cut.

Kane accepts an assignment and deploys with the military, promising to return. What he couldn’t promise was in what condition.

Kissney struggles with the stress from her job along with that in her personal life, leaving her questioning whether she should walk away from one or both.
                            MY REVIEW.
    This is the second book in the Shaw Case Files. I was excited when this book came out . All the characters back and chasing another serial killer. Who is making wax statues out of men an posing them all around the city. They are still reeling from the last serial killer and the new one springs up . Kissney an Levi are fighting an uphill battle and need to find the killer before more people go missing . There is a lot more personal stuff going on in this book also . Kissney is torn between two men . She doesn't know what to do or if she should have either of them.  Now will she find the new killer and will her personal life straighten itself out before it is too late .
     All the original characters are back , Kissney is the tough detective that will not take any shit from any man. But sometimes in this book she seem to me to be a little whiney and a little dependant on the men in her life . She is such a bad ass woman I wanted to see more bad ass . She does not fail in tracking down the serial killer and does put the men in there place a time or two. Levi is her partner and he is love with Kissney and is trying not to  be such a dick in this book . They work well together and rely on each other a lot . Levi does a lot of growing up in this book and we see him taking charge and care of Kissney more and more .  Now Kane the other man in Kissney's life is all alpha male and ruggedly good looking . He is a special ops guy that ends up going on assignment and well lets just say when he comes back he isn't such a nice guy. I must say that the characters were well written and they all come with their own set of problems that they must all work out . Which makes them likable to everyone .
   The author has found her niche writing mystery novels . She kept me reading all night long . The story was great and the premise of the hot wax was a great new way to murder people. To make pieces of art out each and every one was just great . But I did kind of feel a disconnect with the characters in various parts of the book . I just couldn't connect with them in some parts, maybe it was just me though.  Over all I loved this book and the author kept me reading all night long . The twists and turns will keep you guessing . Trust me I thought I had it all figured out and then bam the author takes us in a totally different direction . The person  I thought was the killer wasn't the killer at all . Which hand me reeling going WTH it has to be this person . Trust me you will be going omg and wth through out this book. I recommend this book for those who love a good read that will make you think . it could give you a book hang over .

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