Wednesday, August 10, 2016


 Good Wednesday everyone hope your week is going fast and your summer is going well. Today I have a good summer read for your poolside entertainment.  IN A STRANGER'S HANDS by Shaelyn Jackson.

                             BOOK BLURB

Sam is on her way to Vegas for a girls' weekend.

Miles from any town her car leaves her stranded with one option: to walk until she finds help.

Hot and sweaty from the walk she spots a run down shed in the distance. Still miles from town she decides to take a chance on it being her salvation.

Will that decision be the worst one she ever made or will she find the most glorious pleasure at the hands of a stranger?

                             MY REVIEW
  This is Shaelyn Jackson's debut novella , it is a paranormal tale with a twist . Would you trust a stranger in helping you out of a jam . Sam is in that predicament as her car stalls on a lonely road. She walks until she finds help a sexy stranger that will show her the time of her life and ignite a spark that won't die . NEVER TRUST A STRANGER .
  When you start this book , its like you are in your very own fantasy. Being stranded and finding a hot sexy man to help you out and then rocking your world all night long. The characters were well written and they were hot for each other. I loved the rawness of Gavin , he is like the alpha predator on the hunt. Sam was just a little naïve to me, she needs to be a little bit more oomph for me . She is a really good character but just needs something.
   This is a short novella and you can have it done in the afternoon by the pool.  For a first book the author did a great job. I think it should of been a bit longer and develop the characters just a little bit more . Over all I loved this book and the sex was sooo hot, melt your kindle and have a cold drink beside you hot. So if you want a hot summer read for the pool check it out .

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