Monday, August 22, 2016


Good Monday morning all, I am here with my coffee wanting to tell you about a great new book by Eric Shelman . I was so excited when I found out he had finished the second book in his series . So let me introduce you to SCABS II ( The Quantum Connection.)
                             BOOK BLURB

When an otherworldly light engulfed the entire planet, nobody predicted the catastrophic transformation to come. Several unique men, women and children have escaped conversion, and are now bound together with a common resolve:


As the predators they face continue to evolve into more perfect killing machines, Scott, Warren and Missy Walsh, along with over a dozen other survivors, must adapt in order to stay alive.

Join them for the second adventure in this chilling trilogy . . . it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
                           MY REVIEW
  I was so excited when I finally got this book in my hot little hands. I couldn't wait to find out what happened to Scott and the rest of the gang. The story starts where book one has left off . They are out at the cabin and building a good little fortress for themselves and watching out for the predators that are closing in on them. They must adapt and keep ahead of them as the predators adapt into a more precise killing machine.  Along the way they pick up some more survivors and will they all survive .
    The characters in this book are so well written and complex. They are survivors in the best sense of the word . Scott  and Warren are tough as nails twin brothers that are leading this group of twins . Both of the men are such strong characters but they do have their faults and weakness that make them human .  Missy has to be my all time favourite character . She is Scott and Warren's mother and man she is sassy and kicks ass at every opportunity she can . There is also a new entity that is helping them out . They hear him talking to them in their minds and he doesn't like the aliens invading the world . We honestly don't know if this entity is actually good or evil but right now he is helping the survivors out .  The rest of the supporting characters are diverse and add such depth to the story. They all play their parts so well . We also get another pet this time around  we now have a cat and a dog.
    I couldn't believe when I sat down and started reading this book . I was sucked in by the end of the first chapter. I just couldn't put the book down . I was on the edge of my seat the whole time . Eric takes us on a journey that will leave you scared out of wits and hoping and wishing that you are a twin . Just like in book one  you will really want to have a twin in you corner. This book has some great twists and turns that will make you go wow . The pace is fast and it is action packed and there is plenty of gore for everyone . We do loose some beloved characters in this book and you will shed a tear or two when it happens . At least I cried when they died . Eric is one of my all time favourite indie authors . I can't wait till book 3 in the series to answer the questions that were left in book 2 . So if you want a fast paced story check out the Scabs series you will not be disappointed .

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