Saturday, August 20, 2016


 Hope everyone is having a good weekend . Today we are going to show case a new author and her debut novella . AZORE'S QUEST by AM Johnson

                             BOOK BLURB

What happens when a young Prince, who is looking for sex, fights and fun, cannot find those things on his front door?
Why he leaves and goes on a grand adventure.
What will happen on his travels through the Land of Veloc?
Will he find more than just sex?
Will they find more than they can handle?
Or will they find exactly what they need?
Come on a slightly erotic adventure with Azore and his best friends.

                             MY REVIEW
  This book was suggested by a friend of mine .  It is a fantasy that is very erotic  not for young readers . What do you do when you have a young prince who is bored  he embarks on a journey with his best friends . They are out to have a good time , looking for sex fights and of course fun But after a trip to an elven blacksmith he may have found the one person he wants to be with . As they travel through the land o Veloc they find more then they bargained for or did they . Did they find what they were looking for all along .
   The characters in this book are well developed and you will really kind of dislike them at the beginning . They are young and shallow and all they want to do is have sex and fight . As you read you see them start to grow up as they help out some people and find a woman that they can love . You see each one find the one that they are willing to fight for . There is also a twist that concerns with Azore's sword . They all seem to grow up during the story ,
  This is a quick hot read full of hot men and ladies who need saving . I read the novella in about an hour and liked the way the author wrote the erotica.. Its fast and easy read that will make you want more and more . This is the first book in a hopefully long career for this author . So if you want a fast read to wind down your summer. Check it out

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