Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Good Tuesday morning all . Wow do I have a book for you. I am going to apologize right now because I know I am going to spell this poor author's name wrong. I will try and make sure it is spelt right.  RIGHTEOUS MALIFICIA by Emir Skalonja

                            BOOK BLURB

England 1392.
As the Black Death quickly spreads through the kingdom, the little hamlet of Blythe’s Hallow suffers under the yoke of a sadistic Lord. Desperate, the villagers decide to seek out the magical help of a local witch, causing the wrath of the Church. Torture and murder befall on those accused of being in league with the Devil, adding more sorrow to the beset folk of Blythe’s Hollow. Yet, one man will rise against the tyranny; a man willing to learn Black Magick to fight back

                           MY REVIEW
   This book fascinated me, between the church and what they called the dark magick you are totally engrossed in the pages .  The church wielded so much power back then and honestly it was horrible . The author paints a picture of horrible conditions and plights of the people under the thumb.  It makes you think of what those people went through.  The author describes the medieval ways of torture in a way that it feels like you are right there watching it . The very first chapter had me squirming on the details of how a young witch is tortured  by the Father John and Lawrence.
  This is a character driven book and the characters are so well written and complex. There are a few characters that you will most definitely want to draw and quartered . Father John and Lawrence come to mind. They are just evil hiding behind the cloth of the church . They just keep going on and on and become even more evil as the story goes along . Magdalene is the witch that everyone is after but never can find . She is a sweet character that is only there to help out the people with healing herbs to help alleviate the pain and suffering . She becomes such an enigma in the story she is the one light that shines through the evilness that is going on . The other characters that come out in the book are either on the good side or the evil side . They play off each other so well . Edgar and Farah are doing what is right to help out his father and they pay the price for that at the evil torturing hands of the fathers . You will love and hate all of these characters  you will shed a tear and yell at your kindle .
     I read this book in one sitting I was so engrossed in the pages I don't think I moved from the spot I was in the whole time .  If you don't feel uncomfortable while reading this book  you aren't getting the gist of what went on back in the medieval days . When the church had absolute power over every thing and you had to bow down to them even if you didn't believe in what they were doing . I couldn't believe the ways of torture that took place back then. The author did a lot of research on the torture chambers and techniques of that time period . You almost feel the pain that these people go through and you just want to hug them all . The author takes us on a journey through hell and brings us out on the other side relatively unscathed. I will say that I had a book hangover and wanted to tell everyone I could about this book . I loved the history and the gore factor was there but it was there because of the time period . I also loved that the author had the guts to have church versus the so called witches of dark magick. It made for some awesome reading . If this book doesn't make you think and feel uncomfortable while reading it . You honestly don't have a heart . So if you want a book that will give you a book hangover and will make you think . This is the book for you , you will not be disappointed . And look Emir I didn't spell your name wrong . :)

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