Thursday, December 14, 2017


   Good Thursday all , I can't believe that there is only 10 days till Christmas Eve . I hope everyone is ready . Now if you are ready you all need a new read . Well today we have a cool new graphic novel for you . Theatrics by Neil Gibson

                            BOOK BLURB

      The most famous actor on Broadway in the 1920s gets mugged, beaten up and left for dead. He loses his looks, his acting job, his money, his apartment, his girl - everything. But it's what he does next that gets interesting. The results are quite theatrical.

                     MY REVIEW 

  This comic had me pleasantly intrigued , the story kept me interested and flipping the pages all night long . The story takes place in the 1920s when Rudy Burns, a famous actor is beaten up after a night of drinking . He is hurt so badly that he looses his job, his girlfriend and well everything in his life he held dearly. But when he does something totally different and well a little bit dangerous . Things get really interesting
   First off i fell in love with the graphics in this one . It has such a great noir feel to it , it is gritty and dark . The way i love my comic books .  You will notice that the graphics change just a little when the story calls for it .  The characters are gritty and determined to make things work in the jobs they have chosen . You see Rudy go from pretty boy actor to as tough as nails fighter in the ring . He uses the looks to his advantage even when he is beaten up and looking not so good . I really found Rudy to be very relatable he is a guy just trying to make it  any way he can . Even if it is not legal. 
      I totally enjoyed reading this book and i loved the characters and the story line . I didn't realize that there would be a book two . I am hoping there would be a book two . So if you want a great graphic novel to read this Christmas this the book for you .  

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