Tuesday, December 19, 2017

happy Tuesday before christmas

 I can't believe there is only 5 days until Christmas eve . So if you are looking for some light reading this season i have two short books for you by the same author . SUBTLE MAGIC and CREATIVE MAGIC by Josette Reuel .

                            BOOK BLURB 


Originally published as part of the "Wickedly Exotic Spring Erotic Wonderland" Anthology, Subtle Magic by Josette Reuel is an erotic ménage short story about a woman who finds she was always just as she was supposed to be.

Growing up different had made life difficult for Harley Hawen, a Rhai’ud without magic; she had buried herself in her cooking and baking. Her only friend, her cousin and roommate, Jenna, was a true Rhai’ud with the looks and magic.

Resigned to a life alone and magicless, Harley worked at her parents diner and spent free nights with Jenna. Then six months ago a group of men on motorcycles rolled into town and Harley and Jenna’s dreams had become tormented.

Magic has a subtle way of making things happen.

Chase and Diesel were Gwar’Arth — bear shifters. The Den they had grown up in was becoming too tight for all of the younger males that were looking for mates, so they had brought their new Den members to a new home on Karhu Ridge.

Chase and Diesel were two-thirds of a Triad mating. They had found each other as young boys, but had never found their third. So, they rode into town that first day knowing that they had a third for their Triad out there somewhere, but they hadn’t realized that she would walk right out in front of them when they were least expecting it.

For six months the woman tormented them and did everything to keep away from them, but they had had enough. She would realize that they were all meant to be together, if it was the last thing both Gwar’Arth men did.

                         MY REVIEW 
   This is the first book i have read by this author and i must say she packed a lot into such a short story . Chase and Diesel are two bear shifters and part of a triad . They left their old pack because it was getting a little too tight for comfort for all the younger shifters . So they moved to Karhu Ridge with some of the other members to set up a new den . There was also another reason they were drawn to this place but didn't realize it until she walked out in front of them literally .  Will they all find happiness that they deserve .  
   I absolutely adored the characters in this story Chase and Diesel are just so damn sexy and when one is domineering the other is sweet and kind . They are such a force of nature and as sexy as sin .They know what they want and they will wait no longer to take their mate . Harley is a witch but she says she doesn't have any powers . She feels insecure and not worthy of herself and of Chase and Diesel . She tries to keep them at bay but she can't deny that they are meant to be together . After they are together and Harley relaxes magical things start to happen . They are such fun characters to read . 
   This is a short steamy read and man it does get steamy . Be careful the kindle might melt .The story is good and watching the metamorphosis of Harley is so awesome . So if you want a hot little read check it out 

                            BOOK BLURB 

Just over six months ago a group of men on motorcycles rolled into town and Jenna Hawen’s dreams. After her cousin realized the dreams meant they’d found their mates you would’ve thought she’d been thrilled — they were tall, dark, and handsome after all. However, Jenna had once made a mistake that she promised to never make again.

Now, she was so tired and tormented that her magic was failing. As a Rhai’ud her magic worked with her creativity to create beautiful pieces of reclaimed items artwork. Artwork that she’d been unsuccessful with since two certain bear shifters decided to show up in town. Now the question was, would she have to break her promise to herself to save her business.

Magic has a creative way of making things happen.

For thirty-five years, Mason Wynn and Ethan Williams had been trying to prove who was top bear. Now, both of them were starting over with the other Gwar’Arth in the new den on Karhu Ridge and of course the rivalry began anew on that very first day when they’d both ran into Jenna Hawen.

For over six months, they’d watched Chase and Diesel make fools of themselves over their woman — seeing the bear shifters now happily in love with each other and Harley didn’t change the fact that both Mason and Ethan were determined that Jenna was going to belong to only one bear.

Now all they had to do was get close enough to woo their woman and get her to choose. Let the best Gwar’Arth win.
                        MY REVIEW 
  This is the second book and Jenna . Mason and Ethans book .  Jenna is a creative witch and her magic is in the things she creates . But lately she has been having trouble with that and we can blame Mason and Ethan for that , they both know that she is their mate but what they don't realize that all three of them need to be together . They need to get over the taboo and realize that they all belong together . 

     The characters in the book are just as sexy but more brooding then the men in book one . Mason has a bit of an attitude and a good dose of i am not good enough .  He has feelings for Ethan but have never ever acted on them . He is such a tortured soul . Ethan is the sexy sweet and is having trouble with the connection that he and Mason have . But is willing to explore everything with Jenna and Mason . These guys have a lot more trouble with the triad then Chase and Diesel . But they do a good job bringing Jenna in . Jenna has been used by a man and is scared but she needs to over come the fears and let her love flow . 
  The book is a quick read and will make you blush and fan yourself . You will want to scream at your kindle a few times and knock a couple of characters upside the head because they are so stubborn . But you will fall in love with them the most . So put this set of books in your stocking this Christmas . For a hot little read . 

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