Thursday, January 4, 2018


 Happy Thursday everyone today we are going to review a new series from Shawn Chesser. This is a new zombie series and is going to be a good series . THE PROMISE (Riker's Apocalypse book 1)

                            BOOK BLURB 


Army veteran Lee Riker is staying in an Atlanta shelter and supporting himself with the odd carpentry job when his sister, Tara, summons him home to Middletown, Indiana for the reading of their mother’s will.

Hopeful that the unknown sum of money included in his portion of the inheritance will be sufficient to bring an end to his latest run of bad luck and trouble, Riker boards a Greyhound bus in Atlanta with his duffel bag, less than two hundred dollars to his name, and a secret he must protect at all costs.

Riker makes it to Middletown only to learn his sister has recently witnessed a gruesome death. Insisting she saw the victim rise from a pool of his own blood to attack the Samaritan rendering aid, Tara floats the idea that the man may have been a zombie.

While the siblings are comparing what Tara thinks she saw to the conflicting stories about the event being reported on the news, the emergency broadcast system is activated and they find themselves under order to report to one of three newly established quarantine centers.

With this unexpected turn of events looming over their heads, and as a result the reading of the will likely postponed indefinitely, Riker informs Tara of the promise he made to their mother on her deathbed months ago.

A promise whose details leave Tara nearly as confused as those of the grisly attack haunting her every thought.

A promise that Riker insists is worth ignoring the government edict in order to fulfill.

A promise that requires the Rikers to leave town even as shadowy forces seek to seal it off from the rest of the country—a tall order they soon learn will be easier said than done.

                          MY REVIEW 

   Meet Lee Riker an army veteran who is spending time in a shelter and working as a carpenter . Until the day he is asked to come to Middletown by his sister . So heading there on the greyhound bus and a secret that he has hidden . To see his sister and hear the reading of the will of his mother . But things aren't what they seem his sister is seeing dead people come back alive and chewing on the people helping him . The army  is starting to come around and government officials are rounding up people . Lee and Tara don't have time for this and do everything in their power to evade the military and get to where they are suppose to be.  But will they survive to figure out what exactly is going on .and will they and the friends they meet on the way stay one step ahead of the shadow force that is invading the small town in Indiana
   This story has so much going on in it . You will be sucked in big time . There is Lee and Tara trying to figure out what is going on and getting their mothers ashes to where she wants them to spread them . Also trying to figure out what is happening to the people coming back to life after dying . Then there is the secret lab that has as virus delivered and is opened by accident and there is a broken vile . The company is covering it up and people are dying. So a cover up is underway and people are dying and Lee and Tara are just trying to survive along with their traveling companion Stevie o, a young man with downs syndrome  all i can say is you better not swear or its money in the swear jar for you . They are such a motley crew  you will get some giggles out of Stevie O . Lee and Tara  at first tolerated him but they started to actually love the man . Lee is such a strong man and Tara is strong but also a pacifist . She is struggling with all that is going on  around them . When push comes to shove though she is kick ass and fights right along with Lee .  There are evil in this book too the lab and the big business guys that are trying hard to hid the fact that they set loose a virus that is killing everyone . They go to lots of trouble to make sure they aren't found out . Which at that point you are screaming obscenities at your kindle . And wishing that they would get caught 
   This is an intense book that will keep you reading all night long . The book is full of twists and turns and you will get sucked in from the first page . I will warn you this is a big book and will take a bit of time to read it so grab your favourite drink and a snack . get comfy and get lost in a book that will make you giggle and then shake your kindle and scream at the loss of lives .  I can't wait for the second book in the series  I want more of Lee, Tara and Stevie O and see where they end up . So if you love apocalyptic books check it out .

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