Tuesday, June 26, 2018


 Good Tuesday all , I hope your week is going well . Today we have a sweet novella CHRISTMAS SPIRITS  by Eva Moore .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Army medic Brandy Henderson has spent her entire adult life helping others. Now, she's come home to Silicon Valley to help take care of her family. Working as a barista and bartender during the busy holidays leaves little time for a social life and even less time to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. When fellow veteran and notorious flirt Seth Valenti shows up for coffee, attraction begins brewing on both sides. Brandy tries to make room for one more person in her already hectic life, but soon she begins to question if she’s stretched too thin between desire and obligations.

Seth has returned home to a family he’s failed. Guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders along with the responsibilities of running the family construction business and an inheritance he no longer deserves or desires. Brandy brings laughter and joy in an otherwise bleak holiday season, but the new romance strains his commitments to his family and widens the rift.

As complications arise, Seth must convince himself and Brandy he’s worth her time, and Brandy must learn to respect her own limits and needs before she can best help those around her. When tragedy strikes, their tenuous bond will be tested. True love and lives hang in the balance, but tis the season for Christmas miracles.

                        MY REVIEW 
     Ok I know its a novella about Christmas but I will say this little book packs a punch . Brandy is a veteran who is stressed to the max between family obligations and working 2 jobs. She has no time for fun or heaven forbid a boyfriend . Enter Seth a ghost from her past in the military .  They both feel like they have failed in some way or another. They have to comet to the realization that they need to forgive and realize that they are meant to be together . All they need is a Christmas miracle. 
  This is a fun little read the characters are well written . Brandy starts off being a bit grumpy and a little stressed . She is taking on so much, you kind of just want to wrap her up in a big ole blanket and hug her. As you read you actually see how strong she is and you also see her faults and why she is beating herself up over and over again . Now Seth is sweet and sexy and a fun guy to be around . He is actually a really calming effect on Brandy  Both characters are flawed and are hiding failings but together they can over come the tragedies that have happened . 
   This is a sweet novella that you can read in an evening . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotion. The characters were complex and we get to see how they handle life after the military .  There is also a little bit of its a wonderful life sprinkled in the book . There is a tragedy at the end that will have you crying . But I will say this you will love the ending . I enjoyed this book and if you want a book that will have you on the edge of your seat . Check it out . I would add this book to your summer reading list. This would be a great book to read by the pool . 

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