Monday, June 25, 2018


 Welcome to Monday all , yes I know its only Monday but its summer and summer is a great time to find a sweet little novella that you can read by the pool . LOVE'S ALWAYS PAWS ABLE by Joanne Jaytanie .

                             BOOK BLURB 

Second chances at life, love, and a forever home don’t come every day.

Faith Daniels leaves a successful Silicon Valley career to follow her life’s dream. She moves to Cedar Grove and builds a foster home for unwanted and abused dogs. Faith believes dogs possess the ability to love even after being abandoned. Abandoned by her fiancé and friends, Faith wishes she could learn to love and trust again.

Tanner Keen leaves behind the stress of his multi-million-dollar advertising firm to save his life. He needs peace and quiet. So when a friend asks him to help a small town animal shelter, the opportunity seems perfect.

But all is not peaceful at the shelter in Cedar Grove. Can Faith and Tanner discover the deceit in others and still find trust in each other?

Love’s always paws-able.

                             MY REVIEW
 This is such a sweet novella . It has one of my favourite things in the world . Rescue dogs and second chance at love. Meet Faith Daniels and Tanner Keen, two people that have had their fill of the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. They find each other at a dog rescue where they become friends . But there is something devious going on at the shelter . Will they be able to save the shelter and trust enough in each other to find out their love for each other and save the shelter . 
  This is a sweet read , the characters are well written and you will fall in love with them. Faith is the woman I want to be when I grow up . She is sweet and vulnerable and loves dogs sooo much . She is a strong woman who has been hurt by her ex fiancé and her family . She worked at a job that changed her . But when we see her with her dogs and the foster dogs . We see a sweet loving woman who only wants to find great homes for abandoned dogs . Tanner is running the shelter for a short time after he had his heart attack . We have a sweet man that wants to help out where he can . He is attracted to Faith but they both just need a push to take the next step . I must say though the stars of the book are the dogs  especially Misty and Zaron two Doberman that are so sweet in the scenes they are in . 
  This book is a sweet read . I loved every page of it . There are dogs ,intrigue and a little bit of falling in love in the process. It also shows that you can follow your dreams and make a difference in someone's life . I just wish that the story was a little longer , I didn't want this book to end . I read this book in an evening and loved every page of it . So add this novella to your summer reading list . You will fall in love .

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