Sunday, June 24, 2018


  Good Sunday all today we are going to review an new author J.L Weil and her book FIRST SHIFT  (Kitsune and Shaman ) book one

                            BOOK BLURB 

Being human is only an illusion.

In the shadows outside Sugar and Spice café, my life changes forever.

From the darkness, a mysterious stranger emerges. Coincidence? Not for him. Devyn St. Cyr reveals a startling truth about me—I’m a Kitsune. A what? My thought exactly. Turns out I’m a shape shifting fox with the ability to have extraordinary powers. Powers that make me a hot target for every ambitious otherworldly creature.

Thrust into the middle of a royal battle for a crown I wasn’t sure I wanted, I must do what no other Kitsune in a century has accomplished. Acquire nine tails and the power that comes with them. Or the fate of two worlds will crumble. No biggie.

Fans of Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, and Fallen will fall in love with First Shift, a short novel series.

                     MY REVIEW 

      This is a very interesting book , it isn't your usual shifter book . We are talking Japanese anime here . I was really blown away with this book .  Karina's life changes one night behind the coffee shop she works at . When two things come after her and want her soul . Enter Devyn St Cyr .wielding swords with snakes attached as he sends the two back to the other world . Well that is when Karina's life changes she shifts and finds out that she is a kitsune and with the help of Devyn who is sworn to protect her . She is thrown into a battle that she doesn't know if she actually wants and a crown she doesn't want to wear . Will she be able to collect the 9 tails and save both worlds from crumbling down around her. 
    This was an interesting book . The characters were well written . Karina at first struck me as really naïve . She needed to grow up just a little . She also seemed like a people pleaser she did everything for everyone else but nothing for herself . But as you read the book you really see her grow up and become a great heroine . Devyn is sexy and really kind of bossy sometimes . He knows his way around with swords and can kill almost anything . He is good for Karina and knows how to reign in her kitsune . They are good together 
    When I started reading this book , I will admit I thought it was a normal every day shifter book . I had to look up what a kitsune is . But when I got into the book I couldn't put it down .  There were just a couple of spots where the author could of done a little bit better editing . A couple of missed words and words that didn't sound right . There is also a big cliff hanger at the end . I did really enjoy this book and loved the characters and the back stories . I can't wait till I dive into book two and see where Devyn and Karina end up going . If you want a different type of shifter and some Japanese legend check it out . You won't be disappointed . 

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