Wednesday, June 13, 2018


   Good Wednesday all or shall I say happy hump day to all of you . Today we have a book set in Canada . FULL DISCLOSURE by Beverly McLachlin .

                             BOOK BLURB 

    From the former Chief Justice of Canada comes a riveting thriller starring Jilly Truitt, a rising, young defense attorney faced with a case that hits close to home. A searing look at what justice means in the courts and on the streets, Full Disclosure is perfect for fans of Kathy Reichs, Louise Penny, and Lisa Scottoline.
When everyone has something to hide, the truth is the only defense.There’s nothing Jilly Truitt likes more than winning a case, especially against her former mentor, prosecutor Cy Kenge. Jilly has baggage, the residue of a dark time in a series of foster homes, but that’s in the past. Now she’s building her own criminal defense firm and making a name for herself as a tough-as-nails lawyer willing to take risks in the courtroom.
When the affluent and enigmatic Vincent Trussardi is accused of his wife Laura’s murder, Jilly agrees to defend him, despite predictions that the case is a sure loser and warnings from those close to her to stay away from the Trussardi family. Determined to prove everyone wrong, Jilly investigates Laura’s death, hoping to discover a shred of evidence that might give the jury a reasonable doubt. Instead, she is confronted by damning evidence and uncooperative witnesses at every turn. Someone isn’t telling the truth, but who?
With her reputation and Vincent’s life on the line, Jilly tries to unravel the web of secrets surrounding Laura’s murder. As she digs deeper, she uncovers a startling revelation that will change not only the case, but her life forever.
From the gritty streets of Vancouver to the fateful halls of justice, Full Disclosure is a razor-sharp thriller that pulses with authenticity and intrigue. (less)
                            MY REVIEW
     I am a sucker for a good thriller so when I found this book I was stoked . I settled down and started reading well late into the night . I just couldn't put the book down . I love that it is set in Canada and I knew the places that the author was talking about .  Let me introduce you to Jilly Truitt and up and coming defence attorney . When a very influential case comes up Jilly sets up to defend Vincent Trussardi , she sets out to go to war against her mentor . As she sets to fight, the dark memories of her past of foster homes . She dives deeper into the past and digs up a revelation that will change everyone's lives forever . 
    This book has some amazing characters that are well written and very complex . Jilly is a force to reckon with . She is tough as nails as an attorney but you also get to see a very vulnerable side when she is going through the past . Which she thought she had buried .  You cheer for her and you also want to wrap her up in a blanket and hold her tight . Vincent is the perfect antagonist . He is in trouble and needs help but he isn't truthful in any thing he tells Jilly . You will love him and hate him at the same time . 
  This book is set in Vancouver and the author showcases some of the areas quite well . We go on such a journey .  The are a couple of things that just kind of slowed it down for me . I didn't really feel much of the thriller part . I wish that it was a little bit more into the mystery and the intrigue of the book . It just felt flat in a few spots where it kind of dragged just a bit. Over all I enjoyed this authors first book and cant wait to read more from them . So if you like great court cases and mysteries add this book to your summer reading list .

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