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   Good Wednesday all , almost to the weekend wooohoooo . Today we are going to review P.I I LOVE YOU (Miss Demeanor P.I book one ) by Joanne Jaytanie .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Rivers don’t let rocks hold them back.

River Nightingale has decided to blow past the rocky men in her life. She’s played by the rules for too long—especially when it came to her career as a cop. She was the top closer of cases for years, but promotions in her small town cop shop went to her less productive male counterparts. River decides it’s time to change careers. She leaves her small town to purchase a Seattle private detective agency and become her own boss.

Homicide Detective Gage Hamlin takes pride in his job; he closes cases and fosters justice. All that changed the day River Nightingale sauntered into his office. River has him questioning his pride, his cases, and his aversion to private detectives, especially beautiful private detectives.

River’s client thinks Gage got it wrong, and River is forced to prove Gage missed a murder. Will River and Gage find a way to play nice, or will River be forced to leave Gage behind?

                       MY REVIEW 
     This was a really fun read for me . I love books with strong female characters and this book has actually 4 of them . Let me introduce you to the ladies of Misdeamor P.I detective agency. River Nightingale is one tough cookie, she became a cop in a small town Montanna . She has solved more cases then the males but isn't going anywhere . Until the trip to Seattle with her best friends who are also cops and are in the same boat . They are working hard and when a case brings River to Gage Hamlin's door more then cases are being closed sparks are flying . But really not in the good way sometimes . Will they crack the case and more important will they come together and play nice . 

   The characters in this book  are absolutely adorable . They are well written and they both have a spunk that will keep you reading . River is a take no prisoners type of woman . She is tired of the men being promoted well just cause they are well men . She is fun but also very work oriented but is also hurt and tired of men taking and not giving . She is a go getter and will take no prisoners . Gage well he is a man , a sexy man who is also a cop . River and Gage bicker and fight like a married couple . They seem to be like oil and water . He just doesn't know what to think of her . Until she gets hurt and things change .  They are great together and are such a sweet couple . I loved them and I loved the ribbing the other girls gave them . 

   This was a great read , I read it out on the patio in an afternoon.  The story is a fun read with some great characters . The author will keep you on your toes and throws some twists at you . The only thing that I had a little bit of trouble with in this book I kind of had who the killer was pretty fast . Other then that I really enjoyed the journey to see if I was right .  I wish there was more interaction and sparring between Gage and River . Because I loved what they did have . Over all I really enjoyed this book and this author's writing style . I am so going to get the rest of the series . I want to see what happens with the rest of the girls . So if you want a great novella for the pool this summer check them out . 

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