Wednesday, August 15, 2018


    Good Wednesday all , today we are going to review an author I love . J.D Brown and her new book NEVER TRUST A DEMON ( A Daughters of Eve book 2 )

                            BOOK BLURB 

The rules for demon slaying are simple.
Rule #2: Never trust a demon.
...Unless Heaven tries to kill you.

It’s been four weeks since the birthday from Hell, and Lyn’s life is finally getting back to normal. Or as normal as it can be for a P.I. with the ability to see demons.

Then Sam comes back.

It seems the wicked, sexy, demon who shares her soul isn’t done using her. Good thing she’s determined to end him. But when Heaven sends an angel to assassinate her, Lyn’s determination goes up in smoke.

Sam offers protection, but for how long and at what cost? And why the heck does The Big Man Upstairs want her dead?

Never Trust a Demon is the second book in the Daughter of Eve series. If you like young, fresh urban fantasy with a kickass heroine, lots of goofy comedy, and a complicated paranormal romance, then you’ll love this new page turner by award-winning author J.D. Brown.

Perfect for fans of Darynda Jones, Illona Andrews, and Izzy Shows.

Grab your copy and start slaying today!

                      MY REVIEW 
   What do you do four weeks after the birthday from hell , you try and get back to normal . That's what Lyn is trying to do until she is being tracked by a side that she really didn't think she would be fighting against . Sam the sexy demon is offering protection but they just don' know for how long . Will they all survive the attacks and will they figure out why the big guy upstairs wants her dead . 
  This is the second book in the series and I must say the characters are getting better . Lyn is such a smart aleck . She is sassy and a laugh riot . She is having such a bad time . Trying to figure out what is going on . She always seems like she is too late to the party .She goes through heartbreak in this installment . I mean big heart break . She also thinks she is going crazy a few times . I love Lyn so much she is fun to read . Sam well we just don't know what he is up to and actually what he is . He is smoking hot and still all sexy as sin . But you have to decide if he is a good guy or a bad guy . He does some things that will let you honestly think he is actually a really good guy  Angie she is well lets just say she has her hands full trying to keep Lyn safe . There is more to her also and we find out a lot more in this book . There is also a tragedy that rocks Angie's existence . Oh and then there is detective Noah Jackson , he is well he is hot but you just can't trust him . He is more then a detective that everyone wants to sleep with . These characters have grown so much from the first book and the author really puts them  through the ringer . You almost feel sorry for them a few times . I said almost feel sorry for them . 
   This is a laugh out loud read that will keep you laughing all the way through. The author really takes her characters in so many new directions and does it with a bunch of sass and hilarity . That will keep you on the edge of your seat laughing hysterically through out . You will have so much fun reading this book.  Just be prepared to laugh and have fun with this series . I will warn you that there is a big whopping cliff hanger but that isn't bad . Well it kind of is only because the author has to write the third book . So if you want a summer read to end out the season check out the DAUGHTERS OF EVE series . 

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