Friday, August 31, 2018


 Welcome everyone its Friday. Today we are gong to give you a little romance to start your weekend.
WINNING ACE by Tracie Delaney .

                            BOOK BLURB 

He’s a philandering tennis pro. She’s a hard-hitting journalist. She’ll get the damned story—even if it means breaking her heart.

Tennis heartthrob Cash Gallagher is undefeated both on and off the court. But beneath his superstar playboy image, he’s hiding a painful secret. When a headline-busting exposé hits a little too close to home, he’s determined to match the feisty journalist swing for swing.
Tally McKenzie is one story away from launching her career into the big leagues. But when her unauthorized tell-all triggers his infamous competitive streak, she’ll go toe to toe with the man of her dreams for a shot at fame and a fantasy of her own.
As their flirtatious rivalry heats up, can Cash and Tally drop their defenses and let love in or will old doubts and dark secrets ruin their perfect match?

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                         MY REVIEW 
   This is the first book I have read by this author . I have a bit of trouble with intsa love books . I feel that they are all the same . But this one is actually interesting , most sports related books are hockey or baseball and this one takes place on the tennis court . Which to me is interesting all in its on. Let me introduce you to Cash Gallagher a cocky tennis pro who can have any woman he wants at any time . But when Tally Mckenzie walks into his life and turns it upside down . The reporter is not the type of woman he usually goes for . She is voluptuous and curvy . Not the athletic women that throw themselves at him.  When they get together the sparks fly and they can't keep their hands off each other but like all love stories things don't go well . Will they survive their red hot love or will it fizzle out by the time the volley is over . 

   I will say it took me a bit to actually like  Cash , he always came off as cocky and so sure of himself . He actually was mean and I didn't really like him at the beginning . But he did start to change and when he and Tally were together its was hot .  Tally is the type of woman that well just doesn't fit with the normal . She is tall curvy and sexy with long dark hair and a reporter who is trying to make herself as a reporter . She is sweet and sexy and oh so lovable . She is good for Cash and has been in love with him since she saw his first tennis match .  But with every great couple there are those that want to tear them apart . KInga is that person , Cash's manager . Trust me ladies you will want to smack her so many times . She is jealous and vindictive. YOu will want to slap her. 
    I am going to tell you that there is a big cliff hanger at the end of this book . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride . There are lots of emotions in this book . You see each character grow and become more then they were . Cash learns to love and be loves . Tally learns to become a little more assertive in telling people what she wants and needs . The only thing I had trouble with is that it seemed to drag just a little in places . Also the characters took awhile to start to like . There were moments where I just kind of rolled my eyes at both characters acting like children . Over all I did enjoy this book even though there is a big cliff hanger . I would read more from this author I know need to know what is going to happen . 

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