Monday, August 27, 2018


  Welcome to Monday all , today we are going to review a new author to me and his book. Lets hop into I WALTER by Mike Hartner .

                           BOOK BLURB 


A ship at sea. A heart held captive. Can one man really change his fate?

Young Walter Crofter is desperate to escape his working-class family and its bleak future. After sneaking off and joining the Merchant Marines, Walter sets sail for a new adventure -- and a new destiny. He faces challenges both at sea and on land. There are pirates to fend off, trade routes to establish, and lives to change.
When he meets Maria, a girl being held captive on a defeated pirate ship, he brings her aboard in an act of good will. But Walter soon discovers there may be more to his new relationship than he’d ever guessed. Can he prove himself worthy of the captive girl who holds his heart hostage?
I, Walter is the first installment of the Eternity Series, a seafaring saga appropriate for teens and adults. If you like rich historical fiction, breath-taking adventure, and clean romance that makes you yearn for a happy ending, then you’ll love Mike Hartner’s standalone series starter.

                       MY REVIEW 

  When Walter, as a old man sits down to write his memories , he takes us on an adventure of a young man who wants to break away from his working class parents . He sneaks off and joins the Merchant Marines . Where his adventure begins and his destiny . He has pirates to fight off on a daily basis . Trade routes to get established and lots of lives to change . But when he meets Maria his life changes again. He brings her home after she was kidnapped by pirates . He is smitten and works to deem himself worthy of her love . Which he works hard for years to finally claim his love . He goes through so many adventures and trials through out his life . Some of the great and some of them that will break your heart 

  The characters are very well written and complex. Walter is a complex guy and when he sits down and writes his memories . We see a young boy trying to make his way in the world . We watch him grow from a child to a man with great morals and he has a great sense of right and wrong . His best friend Bart started out as his commander but became his friend and confidante. He is actually a real hoot to read . You want him to be gruff and growly but he makes you laugh through out the book . Maria is sweet and kind and actually tough as nails . We get to see her grow up and fall in love with Walter . She is his rock when he needs it . You will fall in love with these guys . Trust me you will want to hug each and everyone of them 
   This is my first book by this author and man I must say I truly enjoyed reading . The author takes us on an adventure that will have you turning pages all night long .  You can almost hear the wind in the sails and the clanging of the swords . I really enjoyed the story and honestly felt like I was transported back to the 1700's . I Walter is that book for those who love historical books that has swash buckling characters . romance and some intrigue . With lovable characters and a great back drop . This is the story for you .  So if you want a book that will keep you up all night reading this is the book for you . 

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